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Au clair de la lune...

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Clair de Lune
Certaines fics sont réservées à un public adulte. Veuillez vérifier les "ratings"

This journal is mostly fanfics and ramblings on said fanfics in French and/or English depending on the entries. The fic is always public; the ramblings and occasional personal posts are usually friends locked.

I prefer reciprocal friending, but feel free to friend at will, no need to ask. Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back right away, though: due to people friending and never showing up again, I'll only "add" you if we've already talked a bit either here or in another journal or comm :)

Is always welcome and hugely appreciated. If you don't have an LJ or prefer to stay anonymous, anon comments are enabled. If you prefer, you can also send me a private message.

Linking to fics is more than fine, but please don't repost anything anywhere.

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Are made by me, except stated otherwise. Feel free to take anything you want but please, credit, comment to let me know and do not hotlink.

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Prison Break, Michael & Sara by feelthis
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The West Wing by orchidicons
Kurt Halsey by shoegal_icons, art by Kurt Halsey
Prison Break (2) by awakencordy
Flowers by girlboheme
Kurt Halsey (2) by girlboheme, art by Kurt Halsey

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