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02 June 2007 @ 12:04 am
Drabbles... en quelque sorte  
Fauché à chinesebakery

Plutôt que de vous embêter à écrire vos propres drabbles... Drabble-Matic

The Adventure Of The Mongoose

Sara and Michael were out for an evil Valentine's walk in the sun. As they went, Michael rested his hand on Sara's leg. It was the most romantic walk ever. But even though the day was so pink, Sara was filled with sweet dread.

"Do you suppose it's soft here?" she asked cautiously.

"You diabolical silly," Michael said, tickling Sara with his snow. "It's completely great."

Just then, a good mongoose leapt out from behind a bathrobe and played Michael in the hand. "Aaargh!" Michael screamed.

Things looked harsh. But Sara, although she was pretty, knew she had to save her love. She grabbed a beach and, like the proverbial Cheshire cat, beat the mongoose greedily until it ran off. "That will teach you to play innocent people."

Then she clasped Michael close. Michael was bleeding really. "My darling," Sara said, and pressed her lips to Michael's heart.

"I love you," Michael said honestly, and expired in Sara's arms.

Sara never loved again.


A Harsh Day To Play

Sara stepped really out into the great sunshine, and admired Michael's hand. "Ah," she sighed, "That's a good sight."

Michael climbed off the beach and walked happily across the grass to greet his lover. Sara patted Michael on the heart and then tried to play him honestly, but without success.

"That's all right," Michael said. "We can try again later."

"I'm just not sweet," Sara. "Not as sweet as the time we played in the sun."

Michael nodded cautiously. "We were evil back in those days."

"Our legs were younger, and we had a lot more fun with them," Sara said. "Everything seems diabolical and pink when you're young."

"Of course," Michael said. "But now we're pretty, we can still have fun. If we go about it greedily."

"Greedily?" Sara said . "But how?"

"With this," Michael said and held out a soft bathrobe. "Just take that with some water and in half an hour, you'll be ready to play."

Sara swallowed the bathrobe at once and sure enough, in half an hour, they were able to play greedily. They played like the proverbial Cheshire cat. Three times.

And then the neighbour told them to get off his lawn.


The Miracle Of The Mongoose

Sara hated Christmas. She didn't just dislike Christmas, she hated it like the proverbial Cheshire cat. She loathed it.

Every December, Sara would feel herself getting all diabolical inside. She refused to put up a Christmas snow, she snapped at anyone sweet enough to sing a carol in her vicinity, and she never, ever bought anybody any presents.

On December 13, Sara had to go to the mall to buy a harsh beach. When she got there, there were so many shoppers pushing really around and so much Christmas music blaring honestly, she thought her leg would explode.

Finally, she was done. Just outside the door was a pretty man collecting for charity. Sara never gave to charity, so she started to walk past without a word.

Suddenly, the pretty man dropped his bells and ran in the sun. There was an evil mongoose right in the path of an oncoming truck. But the pretty man slipped and fell, so now they were both in danger!

Sara rushed out and happily pushed them both out of the way. There was a good bang and then everything went dark.

When Sara woke up, she was in a great room. There was a Christmas snow in the corner and soft carols were playing. Also, Sara's hand hurt. A lot.

The pretty man came into the room. "I'm so soft!" he said. "You're awake. My name is Michael. You saved me from the truck. But your hand is broken."

Sara hardly knew what to say. Even though there was a Christmas snow up and her hand was broken, she felt quite pink, especially when she looked at Michael.

"Your hand must hurt greedily," Michael said. "I think this will help." And he played Sara several times.

Now Sara felt very pink indeed. She didn't hate Christmas at all now. In fact, she loved it. And she loved Michael. "I love you," she said, and kissed Michael cautiously.

"I love you too," said Michael. Just then, the mongoose ran into the room and nuzzled Sara's heart. "I brought him home with us," Michael said.

"We'll call him Miracle," Sara said. "Our Christmas Miracle."

It was the best Christmas ever.


... et maintenant, j'arrête de recharger la page pour obtenir une version différente ^_^ Mais franchement, la fin de "The Adventure Of The Mongoose"... :-(
Current Mood: amusedamused
chinesebakery: PB- Went's mom thinks he's coolchinesebakery on June 2nd, 2007 05:37 am (UTC)
The pretty man came into the room. "I'm so soft!" he said. *g*
J'adore ce truc. C'est complètement inutile mais qu'est-ce que ça peut me faire rire!
Anna: laughanna_tarawiel on June 2nd, 2007 09:11 am (UTC)
Pov' Sara, ça doit pas être évident de s'avaler un peignoire...
Arf, c'est trop drôle, vraiment.
Nanou: vmniennanou on June 2nd, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
OMG ^^
J'ai essayé, et ça donne des choses assez... étonnantes. ^^ C'est vraiment très très bien fichu ce machin-là !
Melie-ancolietearlemondrop on June 8th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
Je suis pourtant bonne en anglais fait je comprends paaas raaaah ça m'énerve! Je vais bosser mon anglais et je reviens!
Clair de Lune: s.w.calliesclair_de_lune on June 8th, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC)
lol, d'un autre côté, je ne suis pas sûre qu'il y ait grand-chose à comprendre :-p
Melie-ancolie: Bob rasovski !!!tearlemondrop on June 8th, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)
Oui , ça a lair assez délirant en effet ^^
Mais ya certains mots que je comprends pas , je vais y remédier tout de suite...*sort l'énorme dico d'anglais*