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31 October 2015 @ 11:08 pm
This and that  
- I'm tired of people saying they're going to do something and never doing it. Especially when I've asked nothing and they brought it up in the first place. If you can't follow up on your own commitments, just... I don't know, don't make them? I'm sure they have perfectly valid reasons. I don't care. Stopping to walk in others' shoes when they won't walk in mine.

- I've poked LJ quite a bit and haven't found a solution so I guess it's not doable, but anyone knowing how to change security level on multiple entries for a specific tag? I know I can do it for specific dates but that won't help.

- I've just noticed the third season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries has eight episodes. Eight, not thirteen like the first ones. Which means I only have seven episodes left to watch *cries a little bit*
Current Mood: moodymoody