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03 November 2013 @ 09:39 pm
June, August & October 2013 Fic Round-Up  
Prison Break (English)

New Dawn, New Day (Five Ways Michael Was Woken Up) ♦ Five ways Michael was woken up. (1: Michael/Sara, Michael Jr., 2: Michael/Sara, 3: Michael/Lincoln, 4: Michael/Sara/Lincoln, 5: Michael/Sara, Lincoln or Michael/Sara/Lincoln. Gen, het, slash. G to NC-17.)

The One With the Pot ♦ He’s moving through cotton wool and foam. It’s pleasant. It’s easy to figure out why Linc likes the feeling so much. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. NC-17.)

Two-Bed Bedroom (In Stuffy Panama) ♦ Panama is stuffy, and freedom is muggier than Lincoln had expected. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. NC-17.)

Damn Fine Tequila ♦ You can not not like a damn fine tequila. Written on prompt for an Anon. (Michael/Sara/Lincoln. Het, mild slash. R.)

At Sea ♦ Sara’s boat was berthed down the beach, she’d named it Today, and the ocean was their front yard. (Michael/Sara. Het. PG-13.)

Lexical Field ♦ Michael unravels the whole lexical field when they do this. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. R.)
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