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17 August 2013 @ 12:46 pm
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If I don't procrastinate too much, I should reach 30.000 words for Story of Faith today. \o/ 30.000 words has been my current estimated word count for the fic - I upped it quite a few times since starting to write. I need to re-evaluate it again because there's no way I wrap it all in less than 700 words.

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I'm considering signing-up for fixitstory. On the one hand, it's one (small) big bang that I could manage since we can use a WIP or even a finished story as long as it's never been posted. On the other hand, if I manage to complete Story of Faith this year - *snorts at self* - it would mean waiting until March 2014 to post it. Though after working on it for a couple of years, what's a few more months?
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Maz (or foxxy!): Plot Bunny beckonstuesdaeschild on August 17th, 2013 02:39 pm (UTC)
fixitfic sounds like a good idea!! And I agree that after all the time you've invested in SoF a few more months is neither here nor there. However, if it's one (small) big bang fic...

Anyway - *waves pom-poms*
Clair de Lune: text - i knowclair_de_lune on August 17th, 2013 07:49 pm (UTC)
*nods* fixitstory sounds like a great idea.

I'm saying it's a small big bang because it "only" requires 7000 words. Most big bangs are out of my reach because they demand too many words for me and/or are too specific or, well, are not relevant to my interests to begin with :-p But this one is just neat for me ♥ And since I already have a big part of my story, I'm less worried about not being able to complete it in time.

Moreover, I'll probably need between 5k and 10k words to wrap it all so I'd still be writing those words specifically for the big bang...
Maz (or foxxy!): Sucre hugs Michaeltuesdaeschild on August 18th, 2013 01:09 pm (UTC)
Yes, it seems most big bangs are exactly that...BIG!! But this sounds managable.

And I see nickygabriel has very neatly and kindly solved any issues you might have had. I need the little cheerleader here!! *waves pom-poms* :)
Nicky Gabriel: morenickygabriel on August 17th, 2013 05:50 pm (UTC)
If your story is long and you would like to post it in chapters, you can do it over some time before March 2014. As long as the last chapter is posted at your chosen posting date, it's okay :)
I know some authors like to post their work in chapters, so it's also an option there.
Clair de Lune: ecriture3clair_de_lune on August 17th, 2013 07:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'd like that! It would be perfect, actually: I know it's silly, but I've spent so much time on this story, I would indeed prefer not to let it go in one time, and post a few chapters per week for a while.
Of course, I have to finish it and it's been a very, very slow process, but having a deadline would definitely help.

Thank you for dropping by :)
Nicky Gabriel: mistakenickygabriel on August 17th, 2013 07:57 pm (UTC)
I don’t think it’s silly :)
I love posting in chapters and I don’t know why I should not allow the same pleasure writers who write much longer stories than I usually do!