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02 June 2013 @ 06:53 pm
March, April and May 2013 Fic Round-Up  
Prison Break (English)

Doctor's Orders ♦ It starts because when Sara comes back from the clinic still wearing her lab coat over her slacks and tee-shirt, Michael brushes a kiss over her lips and tells her she’s pretty. (Michael/Sara. Het. R.)

How To (Not) Beg Efficiently ♦ “Just say the word, Sara,” he whispers. “Say it and it’s over.” (Michael/Sara/Lincoln. NC-17. Het, slash.)

On Tacit Grounds ♦ She’s probably losing her mind. Who would do that? Who would think her husband does that? (Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Sara, Michael/Lincoln. R. Het, slash.)

Feeling Like a Honeymoon ♦ This was like a honeymoon – though a three-way one – and they’d never had a honeymoon, had they? (Michael/Sara/Lincoln. NC-17. Het, slash.)

The Bare Facts ♦ So here are the bare facts: they’d been sleeping together for years; it was wrong; they couldn’t help it. (Michael/Lincoln. NC-17. Slash.)

Friendship (With Benefits) ♦ This is about help and fellowship. Sort of. (Michael/Sucre. NC-17. Slash.)

Syllogism (Harmless Fantasies For Modern Women) ♦ Sara knows that fantasies are harmless. Or not. (Michael/Sara. NC-17. Het.)

Syllogism II (Fluffy Reality for Modern Couples) ♦ Michael is fine with Sara sharing her fantasies. More than fine, really. (Michael/Sara. NC-17. Het.)

The Walk In ♦ He should walk away right now. (Michael/Lincoln. NC-17. Slash.)

The Borgias (English)

Elusiveness of a Sin ♦ Sin is such an elusive notion. (Cesare/Lucrezia. R. Het.)
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