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03 January 2013 @ 09:24 pm
2011 fic list  
Q & A

I didn't do this meme in 2012 and it's too late now - don't remember enough of it to answer the questions - but since I had compiled the list last January, I may as well post it.

List by fandom

Boston Legal
Twist and Bend (But Handle with Care) (Shirley, Alan)

Boston Legal. Français.
A tordre et courber (mais manipuler avec soin) (Shirley, Alan)

Prison Break. English.
With Full Knowledge (Michael/Lincoln)
Because (Michael/Sara, Lincoln's POV)
From the Shadows (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
In This Universe (Michael)
Four Times Sara and Lincoln Tackled Michael Down (and One Time They Pushed Him Up) (Michael/Sara, Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Under Her Skin (Michael/Sara)
Elements (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Nothing Typical (Sara/Lincoln)
Papis (Michael, Sucre, Michael/Sara)
A Haze of Clarity (Michael/Lincoln)
A Short Eternity (Michael/Lincoln)
Won-Lost Bet (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
How It's Done (Michael/Sara, Lincoln)
Feels of Plushness (Michael/Lincoln)
Three Heartbeats (Michael/Lincoln)
Drawing the Line (Michael/Lincoln/Derek)
For Twenty-Four Hours (Michael/Sara)
Dissociative Reality (LJ, Michael/Lincoln, implied Michael/Sara)
Undressing Technicalities (The Ballet) (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
(Beyond) Trust (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (fantasy Lincoln/Sara/Kellerman, Michael/Sara)
How to Handle a Competitive Streak (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Roses and Cabbages (Michael/Sara, Lincoln, Michael Jr.)
The Safest Hold Michael/Veronica, Michael/OFC, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
In This Mundane Time (Michael/Lincoln)
Manicure and Face Pack and Lipstick (and Breasts; Not Forgetting Breasts) (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Except When She Does (Sara/Sofia, Michael/Sara)
With My Brother and My Sister Standing By (Michael/Sara, Lincoln)
The Sum of the Parts (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Pillow Stories (Michael/Sucre)
Hammocked (Michael/Sara)
Extent of the Tattoo (Michael/Lincoln)
Sunday Nights, Monday Mornings (Ad Libitum) (Sara/Lincoln, Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Lazy Morning Cycle (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Small Pieces (Sara/Lincoln, implied Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Mind's Eye (Michael/Sara, fantasy Michael/Sara/Mahone)
The Wetsuit (Michael/Lincoln)
Quality of the Sheets (Michael/Sara)
You Do (Michael/Lincoln)
Painting the Picture (Sara/Lincoln, Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Matters of Stillness (Michael/Lincoln)
Basics (Michael/Lincoln)
Perfect Match (Michael/Sara)
No, Yes, In-Between (Michael/Lincoln)
Morning Warmth (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Kiss of Life (Michael/Lincoln)
Theoretically... (Michael/Sara/Jane)
White Christmas (Michael/Sara)
The Fine Line (Michael/Lincoln)

Prison Break. Français.
Une courte éternité (Michael/Lincoln)

The Borgias
The Lesson (Cesare/Lucrezia)
The Key (Lucrezia/Giulia, implied Cesare/Lucrezia)