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07 December 2012 @ 01:56 pm
[Fic List] Prison Break: Slash and Femslash  

NB: The stories part of a series or universe are listed in chronological order. They can usually be read as one shots as well.

Prison Break | Gen
Prison Break | Het: Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Sara, Lincoln/Jane, Other pairings
Prison Break | Slash and Femslash: Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sucre, Sara/Female characters, Lincoln/Sucre, Other pairings
Prison Break | Threesomes: Michael/Sara/Lincoln, Michael/Lincoln/Sucre, Other

Prison Break | Slash: Michael/Lincoln

A Convenience
When the need arises, he has a range of fantasies at his disposal.
NC-17. Pre-series.

A Good Girl (Except When Not)
That’s all she wants and needs to know, but damn, does she need to know.
NC-17. Alternate canon post series. Lincoln/Sara, background Michael/Sara, implied Michael/Lincoln.

A Haze of Clarity
Fever makes everything clearer and sharper.
NC-17. Pre-series.

A Kiss
Whatever it takes to have him stop hurting and brooding.
R. Season 2 (2.20 Panama).

A Moment
The line separating common sense from craziness is sometimes fine: actually, it’s only a matter of seconds. Nothing more.
R. Season 2.

About Willpower
It had started mid-afternoon with an argument.
NC-17. Pre-series.

After Tomorrow
"All I want for Christmas is you."
R. Pre-series.

The first intimate touch he’d felt in three years – the thoughtful, too-tender-to-be-strictly-brotherly kind of touch – was from his brother.
R. Season 2.

A storm’s coming (and going)
In the elevator of his apartment building, Michael can feel another kind of storm coming.
NC-17. Pre-series.

A Taste of Loneliness
Lincoln would stay for one hour, one night or one week. It didn’t make such a difference.
NC-17. Pre-series.

An Acceptable Outlet (Really)
It was not that Lincoln enjoyed doing it, but Michael deserved it.
NC-17. Pre-series.

An Ajar Door
A door must either be shut or open. Except that Michael is the king of ajar-ness.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

A Short Eternity
It will last for as long as it will last. Qué serà serà, as Lincoln put it.
R. Pre-series.

A Smudge of Darkness
There’s no light for them at the end of this road.
R. Season 2.

They don’t have the time for anything but the basics, no time for niceties, these days.
NC-17. Season 1.

Bearing the Burden
He was the older one; he shouldn’t have let him.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Best Remained Unsaid
It would be wiser if some things remained unsaid. Obviously, they don’t do ‘wise’ a lot, so stuff is spoken about.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Between the Mirrors
There were two mirrors on the walls of Michael’s perfect bedroom, on each side of Michael’s perfect bed. Large, hanged mid-wall, slightly inclined forward, framed in spotless, smooth steel.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Between Wake and Slumber
He’s not even fully awake, barely able to form coherent thoughts and not able at all to form coherent sentences. He can feel, though, and it feels damn good.
NC-17. Pre-series.

By the Second Week of January...
It had taken longer than Lincoln was expecting. Setting a new record, so to speak.
R. Pre-series.

Lincoln had his hands full.
PG-13/R. Pre-series. Michael/Lincoln, LJ.

Days and Nights
Lincoln by day and at night...
R. Pre-series.

They’ve never made a habit of it because it had to remain a delicacy.
NC-17. Pre-series, season 2.

It was only once, and he isn't looking for any excuses.
Pre-series. R.

Dissociative Reality
LJ knows better, but he pretends too.
PG-13. Alternate canon post seaason 4.

Double-Edged Sword
When Lincoln was seven, he discovered that he had an interesting power over Michael: he could make him cry and he could make him smile.
R. Pre-series.

It was yet another ordeal Michael had put himself through because of his brother, a relief and a betrayal all at once.
NC-17. Season 4.

There is desire, and there is want. For a long time, when it came to Lincoln, Michael wasn’t quite sure where he should have drawn the line.
PG-13/R. Pre-series.

They have this little fixation going on... Michael, in typical Michael’s way, tries to explain, analyze and intellectualize it. Lincoln thinks he’s a total geek, as usual.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Extent of the Tattoo
In Tooele, Utah, with T-Bag in the truck of the car after he quipped yet another dirty allusion about Michael hiding pieces of info in his tattoo, Lincoln glances sideways at his brother and asks, “How low does this thing go, anyway?”
NC-17. Season 2.

Feeding the Cycle
He looked like someone who’d got his cookie stolen.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Feels of Plushness
Plush is not something that belongs with Lincoln. Usually.
NC-17. Pre-series.

They don’t do this anymore...
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series.

Food for Thought
For hundreds of miles of road and dozens of hours of driving west, Lincoln made a point of not thinking about what had happened.
PG-13. Season 1.

Four Kisses Michael Took From Lincoln (And One Lincoln Gave Him)
He can see innocence in Michael’s eyes, and he loathes being the one who has to rip that away from him.
PG-13/R. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2.

Four People Michael Never Had Sex With (And One He Did)
NC-17. Michael/Veronica, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Mahone, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

It’s a game he plays every now and then, testing the boundaries, seeing how too far he can push and how Lincoln will respond.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Give and Take
They argued a lot, but fights per se weren’t that frequent. Sometimes, just sometimes, Michael wished they happened a tad more often.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Lincoln stands in front of him, just a bit too close, but not close enough for questions or comments.
PG-13. Season 2.

In a Blur
He knows how it looks. He’s not that naïve, and he knows how it looks, but it’s not actually like that. He wants to believe that appearances are deceptive.
R. Pre-series.

In a Few Words...
Microfic meme.
R. Pre-series, series, Alternate canon post-series.

In a Spin
It was neither the smile nor the look that was the last straw, though: it was the smart suit and the perfectly adjusted tie.
R. Pre-series.

In Retribution
He kissed Lincoln once. Lincoln deserved it.
R. Pre-series.

In This Mundane Time
Evenings are the best. Warm, slow and mundane.
R. Pre-series.

It always starts with something seemingly innocuous.
R. Pre-series.

It Never Happens
They act as though it never happens. They never, ever talk about it, not before, not during, not after.
NC-17. Pre-series.

It's Those Hands
And then there were Michael’s hands. Always drove Lincoln crazy. One way or another.
NC-17. Pre-series, season 2.

The people they know are not always interested in understanding. Some wonder and try to get it with more or less persistence. Most of them don’t pay much attention and they just go with what’s obvious. This story is an ensemble of points of view. They all belong to a same universe but can be read separately. Some parts are gen, others are slash. You can read each POV here with the appropriate ratings and warnings, or a combined all-in-one version.
G to R. Pre-series, seasons 1 & 2, alternate canon post-series. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, T-Bag, LJ, Sofia, Lisa. (Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sucre/Lincoln, implied Michael/Sara).

Kiss of Life
Only Lincoln could he love and trust so entirely.
R/NC-17. Pre-series.

Letting Go
He usually manages to keep it under control. A control so tight that, most of the time, he barely realizes that it’s been here in the first place. It’s controlled and channeled into an exasperated tainted love, mastered and conveyed into a snarky brotherly affection.
R. Season 2.

Lexical Field
Michael unravels the whole lexical field when they do this.
R. Pre-series.

Matters of Stillness
It’s the hands that interest Michael (at least for now).
NC-17. Pre-series.

Merging Images
He watches his brother all sprawled out for him to take – take anything and everything he wants – and juxtaposes this sight with the image of Michael, all cold and reserved in his designer suit.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Michael’s Kamasutra
Michael has control issues.
NC-17. Crackastic.

He loves to go camping. One week each year, just the two of them. Nobody to wonder, ask, raise their eyebrows at Lincoln and him.
R. Pre-series.

New Dawn, New Day (Five Ways Michael Was Woken Up)
Five ways Michael was woken up.
G to NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. 1: Michael/Sara, Michael Jr., 2: Michael/Sara, 3: Michael/Lincoln, 4: Michael/Sara/Lincoln, 5: Michael/Sara, Lincoln or Michael/Sara/Lincoln.

No Lesser Evil
That’s Michael: giving him a choice without even a lesser evil to hang on to.
R. Season 1.

No Man's Land
There’s a no man’s land, a cautiously delimited zone that neither Lincoln nor Michael is supposed to enter.
R. Can be pre-series or alternate canon post-series.

No, Yes, In-Between
He’s said no. He’s said no, but Lincoln rarely takes seriously this kind of refusal.
NC-17. Pre-series.

On nights like these, he can never fall asleep right away.
R. Pre-series.

One More Step on the Way Down
It could be worse...
NC-17. Pre-series. Michael/Lincoln.

On the Fence
For that, Lincoln would almost thank Sucre. Or you know, punch him in the face. Lincoln hasn’t quite made up his mind about that yet
PG-13. Season 2. Michael/Sucre, underlying Michael/Lincoln.

On Tacit Grounds
She’s probably losing her mind. Who would do that? Who would think her husband does that?
R. Alternate canon post series. Lincoln/Sara, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln.

It always happens in a half-light. (Drabble)
R. Pre-series.

It was not a kiss out of brotherly affection because your brother doesn’t kiss you on the mouth like that.
PG-13. Season 1.

Safe. Almost.
They don’t do this on a regular basis, but sometimes, it does happen. Inappropriate late night phone calls.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Shifting Perceptions
There is no such thing as ‘just a closet’ as far as he is concerned. Closets equal abuse, fear and powerlessness.
R. Pre-series.

Shimmering Threads
He’s not free nor does he wish to be. The thought is chilling, and the shimmering of the room appears like a stark contrast with the fact that Michael can see no shimmer of light, no easy exit to his situation.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Silver Nights
When Michael needs a reprieve from his under-tight-control life and Lincoln has something to be forgiven for, they enter a vaguely charted territory.
R. Pre-series.

When he’s in his right mind, when he examines and sees the situation for what it is, he tries to resist the pull and the need because he has to.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Stretches of Time
It takes about twenty seconds – of bliss, granted, but still barely twenty seconds.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Summary of a Relationship
He’s tried his highest collared shirt; he’s tried a scarf around his neck. It’s useless.
R. Pre-series.

The Bare Facts
So here are the bare facts: they’d been sleeping together for years; it was wrong; they couldn’t help it.
NC-17. Pre-series, season 2.

The One With the Pot
He’s moving through cotton wool and foam. It’s pleasant. It’s easy to figure out why Linc likes the feeling so much.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Too-Close Quarters
Michael wants his privacy. Maybe.
R. Pre-series, season 2. Michael, Lincoln. Not really gen, but not quite slash either.

The Fine Line
It becomes a pattern, and then a larger pattern. Back-rubs every now and then evolve into every-other-day-ones that morph into daily massages.
R. Pre-series, season 2.

The Finest Form of Architecture
It’s all about proportions...
R. Pre-series.

The Ritual of Ablutions
Lincoln has a thing for showers. Michael wouldn’t call this fetishism; it’s rather the idea or the sensation – the belief – that water cleans and absolves them of everything.
R. Pre-series.

The Safest Hold
Six times Michael was held down.
NC-17. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2, alternate canon post-series. Michael/Veronica, Michael/OFC, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara/Lincoln. (Het, slash)

The Tighter Trap
Lincoln knows Michael is telling the truth when he says that he loves them...
R. Pre-series, season 1, season 4.

The Walk In
He should walk away right now.
NC-17. Pre-series.

The Wetsuit
At some point, they’ve started to target his wetsuit.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series.

They Dance
It’s a joke or a trick or a misunderstanding. A twisted bond, a fucked up display of mutual trust, a weird exhibit of unusual affection. It’s a cautious dancing around a subject that they can’t quite directly tackle. Written based on callmetofu's prompt: pretending to be gay, kissing against a wall and the sentence "We are still pretending, right?"
R. Pre-series.

Three Heartbeats
Bad-good alignment of planets, fluke, and three heartbeats.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Three Times Michael Stood Under the Mistletoe
What the title says.
PG-13/R. Pre-series, alternate canon post-series. Michael/Veronica, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

Turning the Tables
It was a twisted, one-sided game that Lincoln played with him. Not that Michael didn’t enjoy it.
R. Pre-series.

The bedroom is barely lit, and they wallow in this twilight – nobody here can see them, judge them, condemn them.
R. Pre-series. (French version)

Two-Bed Bedroom (In Stuffy Panama)
Panama is stuffy, and freedom is muggier than Lincoln had expected.
NC-17. Season 2.

Around 3:20 AM, Lincoln decided he wouldn’t make any resolutions, this year.
NC-17. Pre-series.

There were no rules. They broke all the moral and social rules when they did this so they weren’t going to create some of their own, were they?
NC-17. Pre-series.

Unsaid, Unstated
Some things would be best if they remained unsaid.
NC-17. Pre-series.

He finds it unsettling, the way Michael does that.
R. Pre-series.

Sucre walked in on them, Linc and him. Earlier that day. In the guards’ break room.
PG-13. Season 1. Michael, Sucre (implied Michael/Lincoln).

Walk the Line
He knows that they walk on a narrow line, always have.
PG-13. Season 2. Kind of slashy.

With Full Knowledge
Michael knows why Lincoln acts like that.
NC-17. Pre-series.

Worth the Ache
The instant Michael decides they’re safe and sound, the cops and the FBI and the other escapees left far behind, he tells Lincoln to pull over.
NC-17. Season 2.

Wrong Picture
He’d rather avoid it, but as soon as the words ‘he can imagine’ come to his mind, it’s too late. Cat’s out of the bag.
R. Season 4. Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln. (No graphic slash or incest but you may want to proceed with caution if Michael/Lincoln isn’t your cup of tea.)

You Do
You don’t think of your brother that way.
R. Pre-series.

Prison Break | Slash: Michael/Sucre

But Tonight
No ‘except’ or ‘however’: Sucre doesn’t swing that way. Never.
NC-17. Season 1. Michael/Sucre.

Five Minute Interlude
It takes Sucre three seconds to make his move after Lincoln has closed the car’s door and turned on his heels to jog a few yards away.
R. Season 2. Michael/Sucre.

Friendship (With Benefits)
This is about help and fellowship. Sort of.
NC-17. Season 1. Michael/Sucre.

Maricruz's Preeminence
Written on prompt: Michael/Sucre, with Sucre explaining to Michael why he has to stay with Maricruz.
PG-13. Seasons 1 and 2. Michael/Sucre.

On the Fence
For that, Lincoln would almost thank Sucre. Or you know, punch him in the face. Lincoln hasn’t quite made up his mind about that yet
PG-13. Season 2. Michael/Sucre, underlying Michael/Lincoln.

Perks & Picks
Sucre had probably been in jail for too long if he was starting to entertain this kind of thought.
PG-13. Season 1. Michael/Sucre.

Pillow Stories
Five times Fernando bit his pillow.
NC-17. Season 1. Michael/Sucre.

Prison Break | Slash: Sara/Female characters

Around Sara
Three slices of Sara’s affairs with the Burrows’ clan.
R. Pre-series, Alternate canon post-series. Lincoln/Sara, Sara/Veronica, Sara/LJ (one-sided), Michael.

Atypical Days
This is the most unexpected and less dramatic thing that has happened to her in a while.
R. Alternate canon post-season 3. Sara/Jane.

Except When She Does
Maybe it’s not Sara that Sofia wants, but what Sara has.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. One-sided Sara/Sofia (Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Sofia)

Sometimes, instead of heading right away for the hotel bedroom, they meet up at the bar.
R. Alternate canon post-series. Sara/Gretchen.

Shall We?
Somehow, the excessively animated conversation has lead to Lincoln throwing down the gauntlet at her, half challenging, half joking.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Sara/Sofia, Michael, Lincoln.

Should They...
He’s merely watching because it’s happening right in front of his eyes, and somehow, it melted his steely resolve to... well, not look.
R. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Sara/Sofia, Lincoln.

Something about Jane
There’s something about Jane...
R. Alternate canon season 4. Sara/Jane.

This is Gretchen
Once, sometimes twice a week she leaves her boys – husband and kid – at home to come here and have sex with Gretchen. She cheats on a sweet and thoughtful, although occasionally maddening, husband with a woman who tried to kill her a couple of times and could very well try again someday.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Sara/Gretchen.

Prison Break | Slash: Lincoln/Sucre

Cause and Effect
He really doesn’t know either what he’s doing or how he’s supposed to do it.
R. Season 3. Lincoln/Sucre, underlying Michael/Lincoln.

Limited Options
There is a limited amount of things that you can do in a hotel bedroom.
R. Season 4. Lincoln/Sucre. (Crackfic)

Prison Break | Slash: Other pairings

Four People Michael Never Had Sex With (And One He Did)
NC-17. Michael/Veronica, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Mahone, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

It's not like...
It’s not like she actually needs this kind of compromising intel to hold Reynolds in the palm of her hand.
PG-13. Season 1. Caroline Reynolds/Samantha Brinker.

Looking for Sappho
Ensemble of femslash drabbles.
R. Pre-series, series, alternate canon post-series. Misc. F/F pairings, mentions of Michael and Lincoln.

She’s so bright and naïve and sweet, Gretchen can’t help wanting to stain, tarnish all this, rip it off and use a bit of it for her own benefice.
R. Season 3. Gretchen/Sofia.

Stories I Won't Write
The Almost Totally Random Pairings Generator gives you a pairing and a prompt, and then it’s up to you... This is a batch of tiny drabbles, some of them (bordering) crackfic.
R. Misc. pairings.

The Weaker Position
He’s a lot of things, but naïve hasn’t been one of them for a long time, so he doesn’t fool himself into believing this is anything more than a hate/fascination sort of appeal.
PG-13. Season 3. Michael/Mahone.

Upper Hand, Lost Battle
Mahone handcuffs Michael.
PG. Season 2. Michael/Mahone.