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07 November 2012 @ 01:41 pm
[Fic List] Prison Break: Het  

NB: The stories part of a series or universe are listed in chronological order. They can usually be read as one shots as well.

Prison Break | Gen
Prison Break | Het: Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Sara, Lincoln/Jane, Other pairings
Prison Break | Slash and Femslash: Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sucre, Sara/Female characters, Lincoln/Sucre, Other pairings
Prison Break | Threesomes: Michael/Sara/Lincoln, Michael/Lincoln/Sucre, Other

Prison Break | Het: Michael/Sara

Series & 'verses

Between the Lines 'verse [tag]

Under Construction
They weren’t looking for a house. They weren’t avoiding looking for a house either.
R. Alternate canon post season 2.

Between the Lines
To each their obsession, and Sara is in no position to blame him.
PG-13. Alternate canon post season 2.

The Usefulness of a Key
Michael, Sara and a house crowded with guests.
PG. Alternate canon post season 2.

Misstep [tag]

The first time it happens, it’s because she had nightmares all the night. It’s three hours later, in full light, and she’s still trying to forget them.
R. Season 1.

Misstep (Michael)
The first time something happens, it’s because it’s too early in the morning. He’s not yet totally awake and he’s already sitting on the exam table in the infirmary, his mind a bit clouded.
R. Season 1.

Roses and Cabbages 'verse [tag]

For Twenty-Four Hours
He has no regrets.
G. Alternate canon post-series.

With My Brother and My Sister Standing By
It’s Sara who found the house when they arrived here...
G. Alternate canon post-series. Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

Roses and Cabbages
Sara is expecting; Michael is anxious; Mikey is curious; Lincoln is Lincoln.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, Michael Jr.

Someone talks in their sleep...
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Lincoln.

Shades of Vanilla 'verse [tag]

Shades of Vanilla
She’s just starting to admit to herself that maybe she shouldn’t have cackled and called him vanilla when he’d blushed at her answer. It had been reckless of her.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series.

Shades of Vanilla II (The Fallout Is Rarely Disappointing)
He kissed her in the infirmary at Fox River, for crying out loud.
R. Alternate canon post-series.

Story of Faith 'verse [tag]

Story of Faith
He had thought that death was black. Dark, at the very least. It was dark at first, after the fireworks he’d created had subsided and their imprints on his retinas had faded. After that, though, there were colors. After Miami Dade, while Sara, Lincoln and Sofia settle in Costa Rica and try to build a new life, Michael awakes far away from them...
PG-13. Post-series, fix-it fic. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, Jane, Kellerman, LJ, Sofia, Michael Jr., Original characters

All That Matters
There’s a fairly large wooden shower hut leaning against the scuba shop. It’s mostly used by shop’s customers, and currently by Sara and Michael.
NC-17. Post-series. Michael/Sara.

The Time They Need 'verse [tag]

The Time They Need
Michael, Lincoln, Sara and a boat.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-season 2. Michael/Sara, Lincoln.

He’s floating in an ocean of bliss.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-season 2. Michael/Sara, Lincoln.

One Shots

An Ajar Door
A door must either be shut or open. Except that Michael is the king of ajar-ness.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

Any Other Questions
She’s playing on his kinks.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, implied Sara/OFC.

At Sea
Sara’s boat was berthed down the beach, she’d named it Today, and the ocean was their front yard.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series.

Back to Chicago
“Do you at least remember why you’ve fallen out with each other?”
PG. Alternate canon post mid-season 2. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ.

They’d drawn the curtains but left the window open because the night was as hot as a furnace.
R. Alternate canon post-series. Lincoln, Michael/Sara, hints of maybe-Michael/Sara/Lincoln.

There is skin under the black dress and the black boots. Not that he hasn’t been aware of that – he’s been so acutely aware of that – but he had seen none of that today until now.
R. Season 4.

Doctor's Orders
It starts because when Sara comes back from the clinic still wearing her lab coat over her slacks and tee-shirt, Michael brushes a kiss over her lips and tells her she’s pretty.
R. Alternate canon post-series.

Finding Warmth
It was something she had forgotten about the Chicagoan winters...
R. Alternate canon post-series.

Follow Up
Double drabble.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series.

Four People Michael Never Had Sex With (And One He Did)
NC-17. Michael/Veronica, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Mahone, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

Four Times Sara and Lincoln Tackled Michael Down (and One Time They Pushed Him Up)
They have this tendency to gang up on him for his own good – or so they say.
PG-13. Seasons 2 & 4, alternate canon post-series. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, a hint of Mahone, a dash of Michael Jr. (Michael/Sara, Michael/Sara/Lincoln)

Don’t get her wrong, the lazy back and forth of the hammock in the salt-scented air is pleasant, especially on a day like today, when it’s so hot and quiet all around them. But this wasn’t exactly what Sara had in mind when she brought up hammock perks.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series.

How It’s Done
“Jane sent me the link to the web page,” Sara said casually, gathering as much dignity as possible.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, mentions of Jane.

In a Few Words... (2)
R. Series, Alternate canon post-series.

I have always had some sort of sick fascination with pirates.
G. Season 1. Sara, hint of Michael/Sara.

In Self-Indulgence
Sometime between this morning and now, she’d felt guilty. It didn’t last.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series.

Kiss Me Good Night
Settling in bed for the night is a meticulous task...
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, Christina Rose.

Knowing Better
She’s been there, done that and knows better. But...
PG-13. Season 1.

New Dawn, New Day (Five Ways Michael Was Woken Up)
Five ways Michael was woken up.
G to NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. 1: Michael/Sara, Michael Jr., 2: Michael/Sara, 3: Michael/Lincoln, 4: Michael/Sara/Lincoln, 5: Michael/Sara, Lincoln or Michael/Sara/Lincoln.

Of Nightmares, Night-Lights and Kept Promises
He likes to keep his promises; he’s a man who takes his word to heart.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series.

Quality of the Sheets
The quality of the sheets doesn’t matter as much as it used to.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series.

Perfect Match
They’re high on adrenaline. With a short laugh, Sara thinks that it’s one of the few highs she can still allow herself to experience.
NC-17. Season 4.

Reality Check
What he imagined was the soft sound of the sea and the cozy cabin aboard the Christina Rose; intimacy and all the time in the world; endless caresses and endearments. What he gets...
R. Season 2.

“The stubble has its perks,” she admits with a shameless little shrug.
R. Alternate canon post-series.

Rubber Band
The first time, it was a confession whispered in her neck that shocked her.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Lincoln.

She would have not
Sara started it, really.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series.

Should They...
He’s merely watching because it’s happening right in front of his eyes, and somehow, it melted his steely resolve to... well, not look.
R. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Sara/Sofia, Lincoln.

Suit Up
This really doesn’t deserve a summary...OK, Michael and Sara tackle a recurring issue.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Lincoln.

Syllogism (Harmless Fantasies For Modern Women)
Sara knows that fantasies are harmless. Or not.
NC-17. Season 1.

Syllogism II (Fluffy Reality for Modern Couples)
Michael is fine with Sara sharing her fantasies. More than fine, really.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara.

The Borrower
Sara is a borrower. Not that he minds it.
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series.

The Little Things
From day one, the boat has been her place, her shelter, her little spot of privacy.
G. Season 4.

The Safest Hold
Six times Michael was held down.
NC-17. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2, alternate canon post-series. Michael/Veronica, Michael/OFC, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara/Lincoln. (Het, slash)

Michael wakes up next to Sara.
PG. Alternate canon post-series.

Three Times Michael Stood Under the Mistletoe
What the title says.
PG-13/R. Pre-series, alternate canon post-series. Michael/Veronica, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

Three Times Sara Handcuffed Michael
Michael started it; It’s only fair retaliation.
R. Alternate canon post-series.

Too Much (Just Perefct)
Too much. Or not quite enough.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara.

Under Her Skin
Sometimes, an unwanted yet delicious image will flash through her mind...
R. Season 1. Michael/Sara.

She’s a bad woman. A terrible woman. An awesome woman.
NC-17. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara.

Valentines (There Will Be)
They’ve met under less than perfect circumstances, but when he thinks about it, he believes that there will be...
PG. Season 1.

White Christmas
Depending on the year, the weather or their whim, they have a white Christmas or a blue Christmas.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara.

Wrong Picture
He’d rather avoid it, but as soon as the words ‘he can imagine’ come to his mind, it’s too late. Cat’s out of the bag.
R. Season 4. Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln. (No graphic slash or incest but you may want to proceed with caution if Michael/Lincoln isn’t your cup of tea.)

Yearly Visitations
Every year, on the morning of November 4th, they visit Michael’s grave.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Sara, Michael, Lincoln, Michael Jr.

Prison Break | Het: Lincoln/Sara

A Good Girl (Except When Not)
That’s all she wants and needs to know, but damn, does she need to know.
NC-17. Alternate canon post series. Lincoln/Sara, background Michael/Sara, implied Michael/Lincoln.

Around Sara
Three slices of Sara’s affairs with the Burrows’ clan.
R. Pre-series, Alternate canon post-series. Lincoln/Sara, Sara/Veronica, Sara/LJ (one-sided), Michael.

He didn’t stop until he was called to order.
PG. Alternate canon post season 3. Lincoln, Michael, Sara, LJ. Kind of Lincoln/Sara.

Down the Sluice
Everything happens because of her hand on his thigh.
R. Pre-season 1. Lincoln/Sara.

In a Few Words... (3)
R. Series. Lincoln/Sara.

It never really was an option.
PG-13. Season 4. Lincoln/Sara.

Nothing Typical
Let’s get this straight: she’s Michael’s, and it’s a typical, classic, not original thing-leading-to-another-thing kind of situation.
NC-17. Season 4. Lincoln/Sara, implied Michael/Sara.

On Tacit Grounds
She’s probably losing her mind. Who would do that? Who would think her husband does that?
R. Alternate canon post series. Lincoln/Sara, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln.

Proof of Affection
They observe, size up and study each other with a circumspection that is not devoid of a certain warmth.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Kind of Lincoln/Sara.

Remoted Controlled
The three of them are on the run, but Michael seems to believe that they don’t need to know what’s going to happen next. Lincoln grumbles his disapproval; Sara is stubbornly silent in hers.
PG-13. Season 2. Lincoln/Sara.

Seeking Chaos
She knows it’s a terrible idea the second she trips back and her shoulders hit the wall of the warehouse.
R. Season 4. Lincoln/Sara.

Prison Break | Het: Lincoln/Jane

Bumping Into Jane
PG-13. Alternate canon season 4. Lincoln/Jane.

Of Atavism
She’s gained quite a bit of plumpness lately.
PG-13. Alternate canon post season 2. Lincoln/Jane.

So, About Jane...
So, there are a few things about Jane that make him...
R. Season 2. Lincoln/Jane.

Prison Break | Het: Other pairings

Around Sara
Three slices of Sara’s affairs with the Burrows’ clan.
R. Pre-series, Alternate canon post-series. Lincoln/Sara, Sara/Veronica, Sara/LJ (one-sided), Michael.

Her Skin
Double drabble.
PG-13. Pre-series. C-Note/Kacee.

In Memoriam
Unfortunately, Veronica is not here anymore to slap him on the back of the head and wrap her arms around him.
PG-13. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2. Lincoln/Veronica.

In the Dark
Veronica’s sleeping too, just like Nick. Or anyway, she fell into some comatose-like sleep, worn out by all she went through lately. She’s sleeping exactly for the same reasons why LJ won’t.
PG. Season 1. Veronica, LJ, with a dash of one-sided Veronica/LJ.

(No) Apologies
It wasn’t the first she’d seen him like that, and she just wanted to comfort him because she suddenly wondered whether, this time around, anybody else would. How things spiraled that way, she honestly doesn’t understand.
R. Pre-series. Michael/Lisa.

Not a Daydreamer
There’s something appealing, albeit foolish, in her stubbornness and her resistance marred with dread.
PG-13. Season 2. Sara/Kellerman (one-sided).

Nothing to Remember
She had a hunch that it was the first time and that it would be the last one.
PG. Pre-series. Michael/Nika.

Stories I Won't Write
The Almost Totally Random Pairings Generator gives you a pairing and a prompt, and then it’s up to you... This is a batch of tiny drabbles, some of them (bordering) crackfic.
R. Misc. pairings.

Three Times Michael Stood Under the Mistletoe
What the title says.
PG-13/R. Pre-series, alternate canon post-series. Michael/Veronica, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara.

Some things are not meant to be done; some things are not meant to be said; and some things are not meant to be thought.
PG-13. Pre-series. Michael/Veronica.

Unwrapping Possibilities
Double drabble.
R. Season 4. Lincoln/Gretchen.