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07 November 2012 @ 12:11 am
[Fic List] Prison Break: General  

NB: The stories part of a series or universe are listed in chronological order. They can usually be read as one shots as well.

Prison Break | Gen
Prison Break | Het: Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Sara, Lincoln/Jane, Other pairings
Prison Break | Slash and Femslash: Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sucre, Sara/Female characters, Lincoln/Sucre, Other pairings
Prison Break | Threesomes: Michael/Sara/Lincoln, Michael/Lincoln/Sucre, Other

Prison Break: General

He has a soft spot for them.
G. Season 2. Lincoln, Michael.

A Different Kind of High
Michael, Mahone, handcuffs, frisk...
PG. Season 2. Michael, Mahone.

A Few Facts about Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows
A few things that Michael and Lincoln know, or think they know about each other.
PG-13. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2. Michael, Lincoln.

Aloha, Sadness
She heard the news earlier.
PG. Season 2. Debra Jean Belle.

A Means to an End
At least he’s had the guts to bring them himself. Not that she’s ever questioned his courage, bravery or nerve – especially nerve.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Michael, Nika, underlying Michael/Sara.

An Association Made in Heaven
They may be dead, but at least they’re in Heaven.
PG. Season 3. Sara, Veronica, Jane.

Blank Page
Fox River and snow.
G. Pre-series. Michael.

G. Alternate canon season 4. LJ, Sara.

Caroline at the White House
She dreamt of a world she would be able to supervise, control, master, rule over if necessary.
G. Seasons 1 and 2. Caroline Reynolds, and Steadman, Kellerman, Brinkner, Kim, Michael.

Coming of Age
Clichés are clichés for a reason...
PG. Pre-series. Michael, Veronica, Lincoln.

Draw, aim, breathe, fire (Seven Seconds of Shooting)
Later, she will feel as though it all happened in half a second.
PG. Season 4. Sara, Michael, Christina Rose (Michael/Sara).

Driving Lessons
“How come it’s always you who drive?”
PG. Pre-series, season 2. Michael, Lincoln.

He doesn’t often have a bath, he prefers showers. But...
G. Pre-series. Michael.

I remember a bear...
G. Season 1. Michael, Lincoln.

Five Things Michael Did for Sucre
Michael is his best cellmate in a while.
PG. Season 1. Michael, Sucre.

Five Things They're Not
Pleadings in their favor, whether they deserve it or not.
PG. Seasons 1 and 2. Sara, Veronica, Reynolds, Katie, Maricruz, Nika.

Five Vocations
Some of the careers he considered with the passing years remained wishful thinking.
Pre-series, season 1. Michael, Lincoln. PG.

He Sleeps in the Middle
What the title says...
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Michael, Sara, Lincoln. (This can be as gen, het or slash as you want it to be.)

Hell Express
Sloth, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, pride, wrath...
G. Seasons 1 and 2. Michael.

He assumes blood is naturally associated with Lincoln.
PG. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2. Michael, Lincoln.

There is no place like home.
PG-13. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, T-Bag, Kellerman, Jane, Christina.

Illusions of Safety
She had always liked car rides, especially nightly ones, no matter the circumstances.
PG-13. Pre-series. Caroline Reynolds, Samantha Brinker, Paul Kellerman, Terrence Steadman.

In Common
Hers is red. Considerably smaller and barely noticeable despite its bright color.
G. Season 2. Michael, Sara, Lincoln, Kellerman.

In Private
You do not wash your dirty laundry in public: Lincoln taught him so and he never forgot it.
G. Pre-series, season 2. Michael, Lincoln.

In the Dark
Veronica’s sleeping too, just like Nick. Or anyway, she fell into some comatose-like sleep, worn out by all she went through lately. She’s sleeping exactly for the same reasons why LJ won’t.
PG. Season 1. Veronica, LJ, with a dash of one-sided Veronica/LJ.

In the Mirror
“You’re indeed someone else.”
PG-13. Pre-series. Lincoln, Veronica.

The people they know are not always interested in understanding. Some wonder and try to get it with more or less persistence. Most of them don’t pay much attention and they just go with what’s obvious. This story is an ensemble of points of view. They all belong to a same universe but can be read separately. Some parts are gen, others are slash. You can read each POV here with the appropriate ratings and warnings, or a combined all-in-one version.
G to R. Pre-series, seasons 1 & 2, Alternate canon post-series. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, T-Bag, LJ, Sofia, Lisa. (Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sucre/Lincoln, implied Michael/Sara).

Kiss Me Good Night
Settling in bed for the night is a meticulous task...
PG-13. Alternate canon post-series. Michael/Sara, Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, Christina Rose.

Let's Talk About Sex...
When Lincoln wriggles his eyebrows and says: “Confession time!” everybody thinks it’s a great idea.
R. Alternate canon post-series. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, Jane, Maricruz. Crackfic.

Marilyn’s Chronicles: Ailurophobic
In the beginning, she thought that he didn’t like her.
G. Season 1. T-Bag. (Original version)

Marilyn’s Chronicles: Domesticated
She really doesn’t get why everybody is so scared of him.
G. Season 1. Lincoln.

Marilyn’s Chronicles: Doppelganger
She thinks they look just alike.
G. Season 1. Abruzzi.

Marilyn’s Chronicles: Effervescent
She’s really fond of him but never fails to find him exhausting.
G. Season 1. Sucre.

Marilyn’s Chronicles: Sorority
There are not a lot of females in there, and she feels quite a connection with her.
G. Season 1. Sara.

Marilyn's Chronicles: She Knows
She knows what he’s here for. She knows what he’s doing.
G. Season 1. Michael.

He loves Mommy more than anybody...
PG-13. Seasons 1 and 2 T-Bag, Kellerman, Bellick, Sara, LJ, Lincoln, Michael, Maricruz.

Monopoly vs Mastermind
All things considered, it’s kind of the game between the two of them.
G. Season 1. Michael, Abruzzi.

Nice to Meet You
This is an ensemble of very short ficlets written for the How Do You Do? Challenge at pbhiatus_fic.
PG. Pre-series. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Pope, Katie, Reynolds, Brinker, Nika.

Of Small Miracles
Twas the night before Christmas....
G. Pre-series. Charles Westmoreland.

It shouldn’t matter. He’s done that dozens of times, assuming dozens of identities.
PG. Season 2. Kellerman.

Fernando has Papi’s back, and vice-versa.
PG. Alternate canon post season 4. Michael, Sucre. Mentions of Sara, Lincoln, Maricuz, Michael Jr., Lila (Michael/Sara, Sucre/Maricuz)

Playing Doctor
“Did you talk about birds and bees to LJ?”
PG. Pre-series. Michael, Lincoln, mentions of LJ and Veronica, hints of kid!Michael / kid!Veronica.

The author Sara struggles to get something done.
G. Season 1. Sara. Crackfic.

"I'm too old to believe in Santa Claus."
G. Pre-series. Michael, LJ.

Second Language
G. Season 4. Lincoln, Michael, Sucre, Mahone, Bellick (Lincoln’s POV).

Six Past Midnight in a Jail
He can hear distinctly the click of the clock hand when it hits six past midnight.
PG. Season 1. Ensemble.

Seven Birthdays
G. Pre-series, post-series, alternate canon. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, Veronica, LJ, Michael Jr.

Small Talk Between Heroines
Depending on their availabilities, they meet at each other’s place to spend the night together, chat and have a drink.
PG-13. Sara. Crossover, crackfic (Prison Break, The Pretender, The West Wing, Sex & the City, The Avengers)

Staying Alive (Four Paths Out Of Miami Dade)
Obviously, Michael never died breaking Sara out of Miami Dade... (Post-series, fix-it ficlets)
PG. Post-series, fix-it fic.

He's staring into space. Again.
PG-13. Season 1. Michael, Sucre.

After, when everything is over and settled, when everybody is okay and secure, she pays her a visit in prison.
PG. Alternate canon post-series. Sara, Gretchen.

That Woman
She won’t be that woman.
PG. Season 1. Sara.

The Best Enemy
He knows about devastation.
PG. Season 3. Lincoln.

The Tancredi Maneuver
She can't stand it anymore.
G. Season 2. Sara, Kellerman, Michael, Lincoln. Crackfic.

Thief (Who Watches the Watcher?)
These are small things that she picks up, even though they were never meant to be shared.
G. Season 1. Ensemble piece (Sara's POV).

Too-Close Quarters
Michael wants his privacy. Maybe.
R. Pre-series, season 2. Michael, Lincoln. Not really gen, but not quite slash either.

Unmade on Earth
“Sara dumped us and went back among them.”
PG. Season 4. Jane, Veronica.

One of the few pieces of good advice his father ever gave Theodore was to be careful of what he wished for, because he just might get it.
PG-13. Season 2. T-Bag, Michael.

When LJ... (Re-enchanted)
He’s too old to believe in fairy tales. Definitely.
G. Pre-series, seasons 1 and 2. LJ.