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05 October 2012 @ 08:18 pm
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I hate the new format of the LJ-cut. Now, I'm not inciting anyone to anything, obviously, but if you don't like it either, the announcement for the latest release is HERE. I'm just sayin' ;)

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Gakked from torigates

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College AU
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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: PB slashhalfshellvenus on October 5th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
I so want to see Michael/Lincoln with #12.

In fact, I feel that has full-length-fic crack potential. ;)
Clair de Lune: pb - brothers2clair_de_lune on October 5th, 2012 09:08 pm (UTC)
Oh, my *g* I know nothing about babies, so I guess I'd go for something crackastic and I'd play on cliché situations. I'd probably make it Michael & Lincoln gen rather than Michael/Lincoln.

OK. The baby would be a girl because there was enough male characters in Prison Break and because I'd like to see the two of them - but especially Lincoln - dealing with the 'girlie' stuff as she grows up.
They find her on their way to Panama or maybe post-series, after they've settled in South America. (I think you haven't watched the last season of the show? For my sanity of mind, I ignore the actual ending anyway.) Michael thinks it would be wiser to leave her with the social services, but Lincoln absolutely wants to keep her. (I usually picture Lincoln loving kids.) Depending on whether it's a crackfic or not, the issue of their own experience with social services can be brought up to explain Lincoln's decision. Michael agrees because he thinks Lincoln will eventually understand why it's bad idea - except that Lincoln successfully passes all the booby-traps much to Michael's dismay and incredulity, whereas Michael is... not so good at taking care of a baby.
The ultimate defeat for Michael is when he finds out that Baby Girl will only go to sleep if Lincoln sings to her a very off-tune lullaby.

Another option would be a less permanent baby-acquisition: they baby-sit Maricruz and Sucre's daughter for a couple of days. Maybe the experience teaches them why they should never ever actually raise a child or maybe, on the contrary, it makes them eager to have one of their own.

I'm sorry, not very crackastic, at least in the way I summarize it ;)

Edited at 2012-10-05 09:09 pm (UTC)
Maz (or foxxy!): Michael's Secret Smiletuesdaeschild on October 6th, 2012 08:42 am (UTC)
LJ left me behind long ago with all it's new-fangledness. :(

As tempted as I am with #8 for Michael/Anyone or Michael & Anyone I'm actually going for #11 with the same pairing or characters!

What do you mean, why is it always Michael?!! ;)
Clair de Lune: pb - michael2clair_de_lune on October 7th, 2012 10:59 am (UTC)
It's not that I'm keeping my hopes very high, but maybe if enough people tell them they don't like the new format, LJ will do something about it. It happened once or twice...

Historical AU. Oh, you *g*

I'm lazy so I'd more or less adapt the premise of the show to an earlier time period. Since it's for you, of course it would be set in England, probably medieval England so that you have Michael and Lincoln in Robin Hood-like tights ;) Michael and Lincoln are from the small, poor nobility (gentry? not sure what the right word is). Lincoln already knows the inside of the Count's jail for having stolen food for his family - and also for having been caught in brawls with the Count's men too many times.

This time, though, his situation is worse as he's been accused of killing the Count's nephew and was sentenced to death. Of course, Lincoln is innocent. The cousin has been killed by Sheriff Kellerman who wants to marry the Count's daughter, Lady Sara, and gets his hands on the Count's lands - and on Lady Sara, duh! (Before that, Lady Sara was engaged to her cousin.) Without any other option left, Michael decides to break his brother out of the Count's jail. Obviously, in the process, he falls for Lady Sara who's not the, ahem, most placid maiden and, on a side note, isn't eager to marry Sheriff Kellerman.

Other characters:
I would need to find a part for Veronica. Maybe she would be Kellerman's sister or some close relative, and part of the reason why Kellerman targeted Lincoln - didn't like the idea of her being friend with Michael and Lincoln.
Maybe Sara's cousin/first fiancé was a lovely man (Sucre) or downright creepy (T-Bag or Abruzzi).
Pope would be a friend of the Count and Lady Sara's godfather. Jane a widowed baroness, friend of Sara, and ready to give her and Michael (and Lincoln?) asylum if necessary.

Another, more twisted and wayyyyy less fluffy, historical AU could be set in the Renaissance era, something The Borgias-like, with Michael and Lincoln having a special relationship and Sara being caught in the middle. (Oh come on! You knew I had to bring it up at some point *g*) Always the basic premise of Lincoln wrongly jailed and Michael plotting his escape, but with all the refinements and cruelty from the Renaissance.

As for #8, very quickly: crackfic set in S2 with Michael and Lincoln dressing as women to dodge Mahone. I've already written "serious" cross-dressing with the Blue Moon series and, to some extent, In the Mirror, so I'd go for a crackfic ;)

I've been meaning to give you the link for a while, but before stealing the meme from torigates, I requested something too. It's here. It may be relevant to your interests ;)
Maz (or foxxy!): Geeky Davidtuesdaeschild on October 7th, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC)
I'm definitely up for adding my name to the people-who-aren't-happy-with-the-new-format-LJ list. If it's worked before...

Robin Hood Lincoln Green tights!!! I'm sure the brothers would look incredibly dashing in them...as would Sucre. Not sure about Sheriff Kellerman!! ;)

Michael and Lincoln are from the small, poor nobility (gentry? not sure what the right word is).

They wouldn't be serfs, I suppose, although stealing food for his family implies Lincoln might be so perhaps he could be more into the brawling while under the influence of ale? That could then mean that his family could be minor nobility. Robin Hood was Robin of Loxley and while his family was probably land rich they could have been cash poor so that sounds about right. :)

Sheriff Kellerman would make a perfect baddie, naturally, and I just adore the idea that Lady Sara wouldn't be a demure damsel in distress and while he's rescuing Lincoln Michael would also be rescuing the feisty Lady from a fate worse than death!! Brilliant!

Free The Notttingham One!!!! ;)

I think I like the idea that the cousin was creepy a la Teddy because that would mean that Sucre wouldn't be dead and he'd still be Medieval Micahel's cellie! :)

I really do think I'm leaning more towards the Renaissance scenario though...for obvious reasons that I know you know!!

The Borgias-like, with Michael and Lincoln having a special relationship

That's the one!! Older brother seducing younger brother but younger brother entirely happy about it!! Oh yes!!

Sara being caught in the middle. (Oh come on! You knew I had to bring it up at some point *g*)

I can't pretend I'm in the least surprised! The very idea that Lincoln would flaunt his seduction of Sara to Michael is kind of appealing...just saying. Or adding to the wrongness of that fic!!! ;)

but with all the refinements and cruelty from the Renaissance.

That'll definitely be the one then!!

I do love the idea of a Some Like It Hot scenario...obviously, if I had a hand in it Mahone would be besotted with Girlie!Michael...it would be just right for crackfic though, wouldn't it?!!

I did pop over to see your request and torigates painted a gorgeously poignant picture of the brothers. Exactly my cup of tea, of course!

This was a fabulous meme!

~Camille-Miko~camille_miko on October 7th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Michael/Sucre et pretending to be married ou Michael/Lincoln et crossdressing ? L'un d'eux te branche ?
Clair de Lune: pb - michael sucreclair_de_lune on October 7th, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC)
Pretending to be married : Je n'ai pas du tout d'idée de situation, donc j'évacuerais la question en expliquant rapidement que c'est pour une "mission" durant la saison 4 et ensuite, je me concentrerais sur la préparation : décider comment ils se sont rencontrés, où ils se sont mariés, définir ce qui est interdit et ce qui est autorisé, notamment en matière de démonstrations d'affection, décider qui dort de quel côté du lit, etc.

Sucre serait très, très moyennement partant, mais au moins, son mari serait "papi". Michael serait amusé par la situation et la réaction de Sucre - mais un peu moins quand Sara commencerait à s'en mêler pour donner quelques conseils à Sucre, peut-être pour plaisanter mais plus vraisemblablement de façon très sérieuse; ça ne ferait que rendre les choses plus inconfortables pour Sucre et susciterait quelques commentaires/sous-entendus de la part de Lincoln.

Cross-dressing : j'ai répondu à tuesdaeschild juste au-dessus pour celui-ci ;)
~Camille-Miko~camille_miko on October 14th, 2012 02:48 pm (UTC)
J'adore ton Lincoln ♥ Il est très très chouette. J'imagine très bien les scènes.