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22 August 2012 @ 12:45 pm
I've been writing. It's logical: my vacation is almost over, I'm going back to work tomorrow and won't have much time to write, so of course it's now that I feel like ficcing.

Anyway. In addition to the stories listed there, I have:
  • A Michael/Lincoln PWP for rounds_of_kink that is with the beta;

  • A crackastic Michael/Lincoln PWP that I may or may not post depending on... who knows;

  • Another crackastic Michael/Lincoln PWP that I am going to post because I made a deal with my beta. This one doesn't really count, it's an old thing that I dug up and dusted off;

  • About 4000 words added for Story of Faith since Aug. 6.

I've added a word counter for Story of Faith in my pinned entry. Maybe it will keep me motivated to work on it a bit more regularly... I don't know if I will write 30.000 words, but they asked for a number, and it sounded about right.

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Click to view daily statistics
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