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06 August 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Fics status  
Posting this for self-cheerleading.


How To (Not) Beg Efficiently (Michael/Sara/Lincoln) - ca 1300 words.
After Her (Michael/Sara/Lincoln) - ca 250 words, written for ot3_100
Stretch (Michael/Sara/Lincoln) - ca 270 words, written for ot3_100

In progress

Innocuous (Michael/Lincoln, one-sided) - ca 1000 words. Needs an ending. I wish I had one.
Story of Faith (Michael/Sara, Lincoln, other canon and original characters) - ca 10.500 words. Fix-it fic. So, so, so far from being completed.

In limbo

Untitled (Michael/Sara, Sydney) - ca 600 words. Sydney the tattoo artist runs into Michael and Sara. I absolutely can't remember how I was planning to end this one.
Untitled drabbles (Misc. pairings using characters from Prison Break, The Pretender and The Good Wife) - ca 1000 words. Written in response to a meme gakked from anna_tarawiel. IDEK! I mean, it has Miss Parker/Gretchen Morgan or Gretchen Morgan/Peter Florrick/Mr. Lyle - not by my choice, though, that's the beauty of memes. According to said meme, I'm also supposed - 'supposed' being the key word here - to write Alicia Florrick/Jarod/Sara Tancredi, Mr. Lyle/Kalinda Sharma, Michael Scofield/Mr. Lyle or Alicia Florrick/Lincoln Burrows. I mean... I mean... Why do I even put myself in these kinds of situations? ;)


Pretty (Michael/Sara, Lincoln) - Abandoned translation of a ficlet set during the second season. Michael and Sara cry. Lincoln is embarrassed; Sara is snarky; Michael is oblivious.
Under the Bunny's Watch (Michael/Lincoln) - This one was supposed to be part of a "Whim List" series started by tuesdaeschild.
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