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08 May 2012 @ 02:34 pm
The Fic WIP Meme  
The WIP meme: post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

I already did this meme a couple of years ago and ended up completing four of the five WIP in English (and none of the French ones, but let's not go there). So maybe doing the meme again will help with my current WIPs? And, on a side note, I sucked at the 'no context, no explanations' part two years ago, and I still do.

- - -

When Michael cries... It has already happened a few times, and it’s about to happen again... So, when Michael cries, his lower lip wobbles imperceptibly before pressing against his upper lip.

Pretty. Prison Break, Michael/Sara. I should be ashamed not to complete this one since it's a translation from a ficlet I wrote in French long ago (Joli), but you know... lack of motivation.

- - -

He should have known it wouldn’t be a one-time thing, that Lincoln would enjoy torturing him and make him spill out his dirty little secrets.

Under the Bunny Watch. Prison Break, Michael/Lincoln. Working title. This one was supposed to be part of a "Whim List" series started by tuesdaeschild. I don't picture it being finished.

- - -

Lincoln bites back a curse, tries to push away the invasive hand but, at the same time, he shifts on the bench and leans into the touch.

In the Chapel. Prison Break, Michael/Lincoln. Working title. This is a discarded snippt from Basics (Michael/Lincon), and I guess I could post it as it is since it works as a standalone drabble.

- - -

Lincoln suggested it not too subtly, asked straightforwardly when Sara ignored the allusions, coaxed, and eventually entered a staring competition with her.

Untitled companion piece for Undressing Technicalities. Prison Break, Michael/Sara/Lincoln. I probably won't complete it.

- - -

It always starts with something seemingly innocuous, and it quickly sends him into a whirlpool of unwanted emotions, a maelstrom of inappropriate longing, a havoc of guilt.

Innocuous. Prison Break, Michael/Lincoln. Lack of motivation again since I just need to figure out and write the ending.

- - -

Sitting around a table with the not-so-dead-after-all love of his life, his new girlfriend, and a woman who could have been... something is an odd way to face and absorb the situation.

Untitled. Prison Break, Lincoln, Veronica, Jane, Sofia. I think this one started because of a prompt posted in uncuffmybrother. It was supposed to be a short crackfic in which Lincoln finds out that Vee and Jane are alive.

- - -

People – women, men – staring at Michael is nothing unusual; the intensity in her eyes, the blatant curiosity, are less common and have Sara look back and forth between her husband and the woman.

Untitled. Prison Break, Michael/Sara, Syd. Another one started to fill a prompt posted in uncuffmybrother. I explained here why it's still a WIP.

- - -

He’d playfully told her he was going to make her beg for it, and she replied with a “You wish!” that, with hindsight, sounded like a declaration of war.

The Challenge. Prison Break, Michael/Sara/Lincoln. Working title. Ahem, yes. Even if I finish it, I'm not sure I'll ever post this one. Even more so given I don't feel much like posting anything at all, these days.

- - -

He doesn’t know where he is, and hell, he’s not sure who he is; just that everything is blurred and confused. Deep down in his heart and bones, the pain lurks and drums, awaits to break free and eat everything it can consume.

Story of Faith. Prison Break, Michael/Sara, Lincoln, other characters. Working title. This is the fix-it / big bang (not really a big bang fic, just a way to label it for myself) story I mentioned a couple of times, like here. I have a hunch I'm heading towards a lot of headdesking with it, and a refined kind of torture for my poor beta.
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Filthy Bunny: PB Road Tripfilthy_bunny on May 8th, 2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
Awesome meme! I must steal it. :D
Clair de Lune: divers - plot bunnyclair_de_lune on May 8th, 2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
Steal, by all means :)

I don't know how awesome the meme is, but I know it was the chance to do it and procrastinate rather than writing. Motivation: I don't have it *sigh*