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03 July 2011 @ 04:56 pm
June 2011 fic round-up  
Prison Break (English)

NB: all post-series fics are non-epilogue compliant.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This ♦ You know when you know you’re dreaming? Sara knows it’s a dream. A nightmare, although that take on the situation may be debatable. (kind of Sara/Lincoln/Kellerman, Michael/Sara. Het. NC-17.)

How to Handle a Competitive Streak ♦ “She’s asking you if you’re being serious about saying out loud this kind of thing.” (Michael/Sara/Lincoln. Het, slash. R.)

Roses and Cabbages ♦ Sara is expecting; Michael is anxious; Mikey is curious; Lincoln is Lincoln. (Michael/Sara, Lincoln, Michael Jr. Het, gen. PG-13.)

The Safest Hold ♦ Six times Michael was held down. (Michael/Veronica, Michael/OFC, Michael/Sucre, Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara/Lincoln. Het, slash. NC-17.)

The Borgias

The Key ♦ Giulia’s last acquisition leaves Lucrezia wondering. Odd and unusual indeed. (Lucrezia/Giulia, implied Cesare/Lucrezia. Femslash, implied het. PG-13.)

Pimpage, aka fic written for me

It's not so tragic if I don't look down by torigates ♦ Alicia woke up the next morning with the sun streaming through the window. (Alicia centric, some Alicia/Will, Alicia/Kalinda friendship. PG-13.)
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