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28 January 2011 @ 10:34 pm
2010 Fanfic Year in Review  
Q & A

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
More. It's always more since I always feel like I'm stalling.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2009?
Ellen/Patty from Damages (Cold Warmth). It's a tiny ficlet, but sterling_sky didn't make me freak out at all when I asked for prompts and she gave me this one. No, not at all ;)

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?
I wasn't excessively comfortable writing the... specific positioning and (not) sleeping arrangements in Thrice in a Blue Moon (Michael/Sara/Lincoln). As for what I learned from it, does looking at the computer screen through my fingers when I'm facepalming count?
I wouldn't call this "taking risks", that said.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
Copying & pasting my response from last year: Finishing a bunch of fics I've started. Generally speaking, at this point, just keep writing would be nice enough.

I still have more fondness for my Prison Break stories than for the others, so I'm going to split some of the upcoming questions in PB stories / other stories.

What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
Prison Break: He Sleeps in the Middle (Michael, Lincoln, Sara). I wouldn't call it a story; it's a 100-word drabble. It's as shippy/slashy or gen as you want it to be. It has hurt but alive Michael, Lincoln and Sara, and hints of hope for the future. Which was all I asked from the show /rant. Or, despite the facepalming, the Blue Moon series.
Other: Saving the Day (The Avengers). Mrs. Peel, John Steed and champagne...

Best story this year
Prison Break: Not a Daydreamer (Sara/Kellerman, one-sided) or Around Sara (Sara/Veronica, Sara/LJ (one-sided), Sara/Lincoln, Michael)
Other: A Few Feelings Alicia Florrick Stirred Up (The Good Wife, Alicia/Kalinda)

Story most underappreciated by the universe
Meh. I don't know. All of them, none of them? I've never had that many comments and we can't say the fandom is bursting with life anymore anyway so... all of them, none of them ;)

Most fun story
Their Best Qualities (Crossover). It's probably the only fun story I wrote last year.

Most sexy story
Prison Break: Shades of Vanilla (Michael/Sara) or By the Second Week of January... (Michael/Lincoln)
Other: Touches (The Good Wife, Kalinda/Cary)

Story with single sexiest moment
Of Nightmares, Night-Lights and Kept Promises (Michael/Sara). I'd say it's a winner by default: I wrote mostly PWP, so finding "a single moment"... not easy.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story
Resolution (Sara). No seriously. It's this close from self-insert fic :-p

Hardest story to write
An Ajar Door (Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara). One year to complete the damn thing.

Easiest story to write
Most of the ficlets for rosie_spleen's Bleeding Cuticles Challenge came up rather easily. Other than that, Made for Walking (The Good Wife, Kalinda and Cary), Meltdown (Prison Break, Michael/Sara/Lincoln, heavy on Lincoln/Sara) or The Finest Form of Architecture (Michael/Lincoln).

Biggest Disappointment
Not writing more gen. There's certainly a few stories I wasn't too happy with after I finished them, but I tend to forget once they're posted.

Biggest Surprise
Prison Break: dabbling again in Sara/Gretchen with Headlock, even if it's short. I was [warning, self-satisfaction ahead] quite happy with This is Gretchen last year, but it's not the kind of pairing and dynamic in which I'd lie around too much.
Other: Cold Warmth (Damages). Did I mention not freaking out at all about the prompt? *nods*

Most Unintentionally Telling Story

List by fandom

Small Talks Between Heroines II aka Their Best Qualities (Sara Tancredi, Miss Parker, Mrs. Peel, Shirley Schmidt, CJ Cregg)

Cold Warmth (Patty/Ellen)

Quantum Leap
Looking for Nostalgia (Sam, Al)

Star Trek: TOS
Diffractions (Spock, Uhura)

The Avengers
Saving the Day (John Steed, Mrs. Peel)

The Good Wife. English.
Made for Walking (Kalinda, Cary)
Offerings (Alicia/Kalinda)
A Few Feelings Alicia Florrick Stirred Up (Alicia/Kalinda)
Ten Shades of Alicia and Peter (Alicia/Peter)
A Woman of Many Qualities (Minus One Scratch on a Self-Imposed Contract) (Alicia/Cary)
Touches (Kalinda/Cary)
Of Whims and Tattoos (Alicia/Kalinda)
Red & Gray (Kalinda/Will)

Prison Break. English.
Merging Images (Michael/Lincoln)
Fleetingness (Michael/Lincoln)
Coming of Age (Michael, Veronica, Lincoln)
An Ajar Door (Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara)
In a Spin (Michael/Lincoln)
The Ritual of Ablutions (Michael/Lincoln)
Kiss Me Good Night (Michael/Sara, Lincoln, Sucre, Veronica, Christina Rose)
Twice in a Blue Moon (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Silver Nights (Michael/Lincoln)
But Tonight (Michael/Sucre)
Thrice in a Blue Moon (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Shades of Vanilla (Michael/Sara)
Working out the Chill (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Essences (Michael/Lincoln)
Safe. Almost. (Michael/Lincoln)
The Outsider (Michael/Lincoln/Sucre)
Meltdown (Michael/Sara/Lincoln, heavy on Lincoln/Sara)
So, About Jane... (Lincoln/Jane)
Shades of Vanilla II (Michael/Sara)
Resolution (Sara)
Not a Daydreamer (Sara/Kellerman, one-sided)
Rubber Band (Michael/Sara, Lincoln)
A Kiss (Michael/Lincoln)
Yearly Visitations (Ensemble)
He Sleeps in the Middle (Michael, Lincoln, Sara)
Headlock (Sara/Gretchen, implied Michael/Sara)
The Tighter Trap (Michael/Lincoln, Michael/Sara)
The Kind of Chains (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Food for Thought (Michael/Lincoln)
Around Sara (Sara/Veronica, Sara/LJ (one-sided), Sara/Lincoln, Michael)
Embedment (Michael/Lincoln)
Of Nightmares, Night-Lights and Kept Promises (Michael/Sara, Michael Jr)
The Finest Form of Architecture (Michael/Lincoln)
Long-Term Thanks (Michael/Lincoln/Sucre)
All due Thanks (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Secretive (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)
Game (Michael/Lincoln)
Summary of a Relationship (Michael/Lincoln)
She would have not (Michael/Sara)
Solace (Michael/Lincoln)
By the Second Week of January... (Michael/Lincoln)

Prison Break. Français.
Du rituel des ablutions (Michael/Lincoln)
La Qualité des chaînes (Michael/Sara/Lincoln)

The Good Wife. Français.
Des lubies et des tatouages (Alicia/Kalinda)

2007 List
2008 List
2009 List

Now, I'd be curious to know what people who read those would answer to the questions, so if you feel like it...
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