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20 February 2010 @ 07:16 pm
Credits & Ressources  
♦ Layout base by faithwood, customised by me
♦ Tiny icons by Iconza
♦ Tutorial for customised context popup: irinafan @ cartonage (click)

Mood themes
Michael Scofield by maybetomorrow
Prison Break by lady_iz
Prison Break, Michael & Sara by feelthis
Prison Break, Michael & Sara (2) by alias_jems and nordmaedchen
The West Wing by orchidicons
Kurt Halsey by shoegal_icons, art by Kurt Halsey
Prison Break (2) by awakencordy
Flowers by girlboheme
Kurt Halsey (2) by girlboheme, art by Kurt Halsey

Perfect Imagination (beta-readers)
List of fanfic terms

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