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05 September 2010 @ 09:38 pm
August 2010 Fanfics  
Prison Break

NB: all post-series fics are non-epilogue compliant.

The Outsider ♦ Michael, Lincoln and Sucre are in a shack... that’s pretty much it. Do not look for a plot in there. (Michael/Lincoln/Sucre. NC-17. Slash.)

Meltdown ♦ Like everything else this afternoon, it had degenerated into something sultrier, crazier. (Michael/Lincoln/Sara. NC-17. Het.)

So, About Jane... ♦ So, there are a few things about Jane that make him... (Lincoln/Jane. R. Het.)

Shades of Vanilla II (The Fallout Is Rarely Disappointing) ♦ He kissed her in the infirmary at Fox River, for crying out loud. (Michael/Sara. Het. R.)

ResolutionThe author Sara struggles to get something done. (G. Sara. Crackfic.)

Not a Daydreamer ♦ There’s something appealing, albeit foolish, in her stubbornness and her resistance marred with dread. (Sara/Kellerman, one-sided. PG-13. Het.)

Rubber Band ♦ The first time, it was a confession whispered in her neck that shocked her. (Michael/Sara, Lincoln. Gen, het. PG.)

Yearly Visitations ♦ Every year, on the morning of November 4th, they visit Michael’s grave. (Sara, Michael, Lincoln, Michael Jr. PG. Gen.)

He Sleeps in the Middle ♦ What the title says... (Michael, Sara, Lincoln. PG-13. This can be as gen, het or slash as you want it to be.)

Headlock ♦ Sometimes, instead of heading right away for the hotel bedroom, they meet up at the bar. (Sara/Gretchen. R. Femslash.)

The Tighter Trap ♦ Lincoln knows Michael is telling the truth when he says that he loves them... (Michael/Lincoln, a hint of Michael/Sara. Slash. R.)

StarTrek (TOS)
Diffractions ♦ There is a theory stating that, each time we make a choice, a new alternate universe is created. (Spock, Uhura. G. Gen or light het.)

The Avengers
Saving the Day ♦ Steed is desperate, Emma is providential. (Steed, Mrs. Peel. G. Gen.)

The Good Wife
Red & Gray ♦ Red is so passé... (Kalinda/Will, tiny hints of Alicia/Will and Alicia/Kalinda. PG-13. Het.)

Quantum Leap
Looking for Nostalgia ♦ He’s missing something he can’t even remember. (Al, Sam. PG. Gen.)

Cold Warmth ♦ Patty Hewes has warm hands. (Patty/Ellen. PG-13. Femslash.)

Small Talks between Heroines II, aka Their Best Qualities ♦ They’re women of striking qualities. (The Pretender, The Avengers, The West Wing, Prison Break, Boston Legal. PG. Gen. Crack.)

Two manips for the Blue Moon fics

Michael (G-rated - feel entirely free to see it as crackastic ;))
Sara (G-rated)
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