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11 August 2010 @ 05:57 pm
Flist's Recs - Self recs  
I've asked people on my friends list to rec up to twelve authors, twelve stories and six of their own fics. All fandoms, pairings, genres, ratings, etc. were welcome.

If you are on my friends list but for some reason haven't had the time yet to participate, feel free to join in any time. Just drop a comment with your recs HERE.

Last batch of recs is the "self recs" one.

anna_tarawiel: Cinq rencontres (French)
G. Prison Break. Michael/Sara.

anna_tarawiel: Désaccords philosophiques (French)
G. Prison Break. Sara.

anna_tarawiel: Quiproquo (French)
PG. Prison Break. Michael/Sara, Lincoln.

anna_tarawiel: Porte sur le passé (French)
G. House x Prison Break. Cameron, Sara, House/Cameron.

badboy_fangirl: Awakening
NC-17. Prison Break. Lincoln/Sara, Michael/Veronica.

badboy_fangirl: A Falling Knife
NC-17. Prison Break. Lincoln/Sara, Michael/Veronica.

badboy_fangirl: Conversation About Kate
PG-13. Lost. Sawyer/Juliet.

badboy_fangirl: You Make It Hard To Be Faithful
NC-17. Glee. Puck/Quinn.

badboy_fangirl: (because happy is) What Happens When All Your Dreams Come True
NC-17. Glee. Puck/Rachel, Puck/Quinn.

badboy_fangirl: Itching the Scratch
R. NCIS. Tony/Ziva.

foophile: The Spark
NC-17. Battlestar Galactica. Kara/Lee. AU.

foophile: What Was and What Had Never Been
NC-17. Prison Break. Michael/Lincoln.

foophile: For I Have Sinned
NC-17. Prison Break. Michael/Lincoln. AU.

foophile: The Dark Patches Fall
PG. Prison Break. Michael, Lincoln (gen).

foophile: All Things Remembered
PG-13. Prison Break. Michael/Lincoln.

foophile: A Migthy Pain
NC-17. Supernatural. Sam/Dean, unrequited.

tuesdaeschild: Batman Was Never Like This... Was He?
NC-17. Prison Break. Michael/Lincoln. AU.
Reccer's note: Because sometimes I write stuff that even makes me laugh!

tuesdaeschild: The Lincoln Burrows’ Guide to Anatomy and You Were a Lot Smaller Then
PG-13. Prison Break. Michael, Lincoln. Gen.
Reccer's note: This was an unusual fic for me; I actually wrote something that could be read by just about anyone! And it’s also pure dialogue; another rarity. Plus the more angsty follow up written very much for my dear friend bluedelft.

tuesdaeschild: Quadroon/Sasha
PG-13. Prison Break. Charles Westmoreland, Fernando Sucre, Michael Scofield, Nurse Katie. AU.
Reccer's note: The most persistent bunny that ever made me write anything.

tuesdaeschild: Twenty-2
NC-17. Prison Break. Michael/Lincoln (not brothers), various cameos. AU.
Reccer's note: I hesitated to rec such a huge fic but this is my baby and it was a big part of my life for something like three years. My life went through many changes during that time so it will always be my most beloved story.

torigates: And back again
PG-13. Alice. Alice/Hatter.

torigates: Living in dark corners (and still the sun shines through)
R. Bones. Booth/Brennan.

torigates: The haves and have nots (five times Booth kind of misses Zach)
PG-13. Bones. Ensemble.

torigates: Re: Dissertation Help
PG-13. Bones. Wendell Bray, Clark Edison, Vincent Nigel-Murray, Colin Fisher, Daisy Wick, Arastoo Vaziri, Lance Sweets.

torigates: As Fast As She Can
PG-13. How I Met Your Mother. Mother.

torigates: No fool for love songs
PG-13. Psych. Ensemble.
Azh': fic whoreazhureheart on August 11th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
Oh bah ta liste m'aura servie !
J'ai trouvé de la lecture (bsg, psych, alice). Très bonne idée :)
Clair de Lune: text - canon errorclair_de_lune on August 11th, 2010 07:15 pm (UTC)
Tant mieux, c'était le but. Bonne lecture :)