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10 August 2010 @ 06:10 pm
Flist's Recs - Fanfics  
I've asked people on my friends list to rec up to twelve authors, twelve stories and six of their own fics. All fandoms, pairings, genres, ratings, etc. were welcome.

If you are on my friends list but for some reason haven't had the time yet to participate, feel free to join in any time. Just drop a comment with your recs HERE.

Second batch of recs is the "fanfics" one.

01. anna_tarawiel
02. torigates
03. putu2sleep
04. foophile
05. badboy_fangirl
06. tuesdaeschild


randombattlecry: Aftermaths, Maths, After [02]
PG. Alice/Hatter, Carol.


brokenmnemonic: Fractured [04]
R. Kara/Lee.


Victoria_P: The Wolowitz-Koothrappali Consummation [02]
PG-13. Rajesh/Howard.


ama_blue: A Change in the Weather [02]
PG-13. Booth/Brennan.

daygloparker: Cyrano de Bergerac (Just Without the Nose) [02]
PG-13. Brennan, Angela, Cam, Booth/Brennan.

falseeeyelashes: Wishbone [02]
??. Booth/Brennan.


dollsome: Even Twinkies Expire Sometimes, Or: The Repercussions of Random Kissing [02]
PG. Jeff/Annie.


ariafic: East of the Sun & West of the Moon [02]
R. Doctor/Rose.

imsanehonest: Small Things [02]
PG. Rory, Amy, the Doctor.


anxietygrrlDistance Between [05]
PG-13. Ray/Neela.

blu4vr: Cicatrices [05]
R. Ray/Neela.


hackthis: You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You [04]
NC-17. Brad Colbert/Nate Fick. AU.

oxoniensis: Hamsters On Wheels [04]
R. Brad Colbert/Nate Fick.


lulabo: Everything old is new again (needs link) [01]


jockchic: Don't Make It Bad [05]
R. Puck.

loveadubdub: Proving Them Right in All the Wrong Ways [05]
PG-13. Puck.

of_hearts: Six times Puck realizes Rachel Berry has him wrapped around her little finger (and sorta doesn't mind) [05]
?? Puck/Rachel.


Mac George & maygra: Archangel Redeemed [04]
NC-17. Duncan/Methos.


sgr11: Tragic [01]
R. House/Cameron. WIP, not updated anymore.


falseeeyelashes: La petite mort [05]
R. Arthur/Ariadne.


svilleficrecs: No Wife [05]
Adult. SVU: Elliot/Olivia.


Bookglue: Phil V. Technology [02]
G. Phil Dunphy, Claire Dunphy, Haley Dunphy, Alex Dunphy, Luke Dunphy, Gloria Pritchett, Jay Pritchett, Manny Delgado, Mitchell Pritchett, Cameron Tucker.


alyse: Watermarked [02]
PG-13. Abby/Connor.


aboutbefore: Delicate [01]
PG-13. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ. WIP, not updated anymore.

abvj: Grey Matter [05]
PG-13. Lincoln/Veronica.

abvj: The Lies We Tell Ourselves [05]
R. Lincoln/Jane.

aeroport_art: Breathe Love [03]
NC-17. Michael/Lincoln.

aspensnow: Unaware That I Am Tearing You Usunder [05]
PG-13. Kellerman, Sara.

burntcircles: The Most Beautiful Flower on Earth [03]
R. Michael/Sara, Jane.

callmetofu: Watershed [03]
NC-17. Michael/Lincoln.

clair_de_lune: An Ajar Door [04]
NC-17. Michael/Lincoln, implied Michael/Sara.

clair_de_lune: Navigation céleste (French) [01]
PG. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ, Jane.

clair_de_lune: Once In a Blue Moon (and there’s Twice and Thrice too!) [06]
R & NC-17. Michael/Lincoln/Sara. Het, light slash.
Reccer's note: Where do I start with my dear friend and ace writer? She’s very prolific but quality never suffers! I got the blame for this one so this had to be included... it doesn’t hurt that it contains Mic... well, you’ll have to see for yourself, won’t you?!!

clair_de_lune: Shades of Vanilla II (The Fallout Is Rarely Disappointing) [06]
R. Michael/Sara.
Reccer's note: I am credited with helping to feed the bunny... I might have offered a few bits of shredded carrot as a vague idea but the execution perfectly satisfied my pretty little fantasy!

clair_de_lune: They Dance [03]
R. Michael/Lincoln.

clair_de_lune: Twilight [03]
R. Michael/Lincoln.

clair_de_lune: Vous revoir (French) / Back to Chicago (English) [01 - 04]
PG. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ.

deadbeat_nymph: Venus Incurs
NC-17. Michael/Lincoln.
Reccer's note: This story has all the elements of M/L smut that I love!! It’s been a favourite for a long time too!

ferrynheit: Good Therapy [05]
PG-13. Michael, Lincoln.
Reccer's note: Will definitely make you laugh every time you read it.

foophile: Sktech Me a Beginning [03]
R. Michael/Lincoln.

foophile: Swear [06]
PG-13. Michael/Lincoln. AU.
Reccer's note: This is one of those What If... stories; beautifully written and achingly sad.

foophile: The Majority Rule [06]
??. Michael/Lincoln. AU. WIP, not udpated anymore.
Reccer's note: This was a WIP and it looks like it won't be finished but I loved it and it really showed so much promise.

tuesdaeschild: Quadroon/Sasha [03]
PG-13. AU. Charles Westmoreland, Fernando Sucre, Michael Scofield, Nurse Katie.

tuesdaeschild: Twenty2 [03 - 04]
NC-17. AU. Michael/Lincoln (not brothers), various cameos.

mooyoo: From Which There Is No Return [03]
R. Michael/Lincoln.

pemphredouk: The First Five... [03]
NC-17. Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ.

putu2sleep: And On The Seventh Day... He Rested [06]
NC-17. Michael/Mahone. AU.
Reccer's note: This is a clever tale with a fabulous twist and beautifully written by someone who is not only a dear friend but a very gifted writer. And this was something I never expected putu2sleep to write but it was for my birthday!

wanton_erato: An Unexpected Bargain [03]
NC-17. Michael/Mahone.

wanton_erato: The Spanish Lesson [03]
NC-17. Michael/Sucre.


katayla: Making Up Isn't So Hard to Do [02]
PG. Shawn/Juliet.

liviapenn: What's the Story, Morning Glory? [02]
PG. Gus, Shawn.


dreamlittleyo: Res Gestae [04]
R. Sam/girl!Dean. AU.

leoniaslion: The Fetters of Fenrir [04]
NC-17. Sam/Dean.

leoniaslion: The Light of Munin [04]
NC-17. Sam/Dean.

leoniaslion: The Martyr's Fall Series [04]
NC-17. Sam/Dean.

rei_c: The Five Districts, Five Drugs Series [04]
NC-17. Sam/Dean. AU.

spn_j2fan: Please, Let It Be Tonight [06]
NC-17. J2. RPS.
Reccer's note: I occasionally read fandoms other than Prison Break and this was one of them. It's a very, very naughty...but I happen to love it very much!

veronamay: Have You Seen Him Whom My Soul Loves [04]
NC-17. Jensen/Jared. RPS, AU.

zannes: The Pagan Gods 'verse [04]
PG-NC-17. Sam/Dean. AU.


halfshellvenus: Another Life Time Gone [05]
PG-13. Sanborn.


chinesebakery: Five Short, Insignificant Days [01]
PG. Jim/Pam plus various cameos. WIP, not updated anymore.


clair_de_lune: Abécédaire (French) [01]
G. Ensemble.


astolat: Old Country [04]
PG-13. Harry Potter x Supernatural. Gen.

clair_de_lune: Small Talk Between Heroines [01]
PG-13. Prison Break, The Pretender, The West Wing, Sex & the City, The Avengers. Sara, Miss Parker, C.J., Carrie, Mrs. Peel.

jade_plume: Les jolies choses (French) [01]
G. House x Ordinary People, web-série. Plus mis à jour.