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05 June 2010 @ 04:26 pm
May 2010 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

NB: All post-series fics are non-epilogue-compliant.

The Ritual of Ablutions ♦ Lincoln has a thing for showers. Michael wouldn’t call this fetishism; it’s rather the idea or the sensation – the belief – that water cleans and absolves them of everything. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. R.)

Kiss Me Good Night ♦ Settling in bed for the night is a meticulous task... (Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, Christina Rose. Gen, het. PG-13.)

Twice in a Blue Moon ♦ The thought has thrived in your minds. Sometimes consciously and sometimes not, the three of you have fed it with glances and minute touches, so-called friendly hugs and excessive closeness. (Lincoln/Sara/Michael. Het, mild slash. NC-17.)
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