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02 May 2010 @ 10:02 pm
April 2010 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

In a Spin ♦ It was neither the smile nor the look that was the last straw, though: it was the smart suit and the perfectly adjusted tie. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. R.)

Prison Break (français)

Du rituel des ablutions ♦ Lincoln a un truc pour les douches. Michael n’appellerait pas ça du fétichisme ; c’est plutôt l’idée ou la sensation – la croyance – que l’eau les nettoie et les absout de tout. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. R.)

Pimpage, aka birthday ficlet written for me

Two Against One by msgenevieve ♦ There are some arguments that you just can't win. (Michael/Sara, Lincoln. Het. PG-13.)
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