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24 January 2010 @ 07:26 pm
2009 Fanfic Year in Review  
I'm slightly late for that one...

Q & A

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
More, but I'm stalling. I said the same thing last year, and the year before but when I check my fic list, I really am stalling.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2009?
Sara/Gretchen (This is Gretchen).

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?
*points above*
During the third season, I wrote a couple of femslash stories for Femslash Day but couldn't even contemplate Sara/Gretchen. Couldn't deal with the violence, either physical or psychological, open or not, it implied. Apparently I got over it.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
A couple of The Good Wife ficlets.
Finishing a bunch of fics I've started.
Generally speaking, at this point, just keep writing would be nice enough.

Best story this year:
This is Gretchen (Sara/Gretchen). In the 'weird' department, Once in a Blue Moon.

Story most underappreciated by the universe:
Shimmering Threads (Michael/Lincoln). It's my regular Michael/Lincoln slash, not worse and not better than the rest of it, but everywhere I posted it, this story has been quite ignored. I think the fic is doomed *g*
And Illusions of Safety. Surprisingly, a Reynolds centric fic isn't the most popular thing ever.

Most fun story:
Playing Doctor (Michael and Lincoln gen). I was scarce on "fun" stories, last year.

Most sexy story:
Shimmering Threads or, a lot softer, Oblivion (Michael/Lincoln).

Story with single sexiest moment:
Let's say Any Other Question
I had initally answered Michael and Sara "reacquinting" with each other in the rose garden in Back to Chicago. Except there is no such scene in that story. Said scene is in Back to Chicago's "the writer's cut", and I've never translated it into English - how sad is it that I don't even remember my own stories?

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Suit-Up. Fluff, fluff, more fluff and mockery at Lincoln's famous inability to button his shirts.

Hardest story to write:
Bitter Raspberries (Michael/Sara/Lincoln, no slash.) One would think that with all the Michael/Sara and Michael/Lincoln I've written, Michael/Sara/Lincoln would be easy. One would be wrong.

Easiest story to write:
Illusions of Safety (Reynolds, Brinker, Kellerman, Steadman). I don't want to know what it means about me that writing from Reynolds' perspective was so easy ^__^

Biggest Disappointment:
Does "season 4 and fandom falling apart" count?

Biggest Surprise:
Her Skin (C-Note/Kacee). It's really short, but I couldn't stand C-Note, so it's still more than I'd ever imagined writing about him.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:
I don't know. And if I knew, I probably wouldn't tell.

List by genre

English. Prison Break. Gen.
Playing Doctor (Michael, Lincoln)
Tantalus (Sara, Gretchen)
Illusions of Safety (Reynolds, Brinker, Kellerman, Steadman)
Nice to Meet You (Ensemble)
The Best Enemy (Lincoln)
Back to Chicago (Michael/Sara, Lincoln, LJ)

English. Prison Break. Het.
Remote Controlled (Lincoln/Sara, implied Michael/Sara)
Down the Sluice (Lincoln/Sara)
Unwrapping Possibilities (Lincoln/Gretchen)
Follow Up (Michael/Sara)
Her Skin (C-Note/Kacee)
Any Other Questions (Michael/Sara, implied Sara/OFC)
Knowing Better (Michael/Sara)
Of Atavism (Lincoln/Jane)
Seeking Chaos (Lincoln/Sara)
In a Few Words 2 (Michael Sara)
In a Few Words 3 (Lincoln/Sara)
Suit-Up (Michael/Sara, Lincoln)
The Borrower (Michael/Sara)

English. Prison Break. Slash.
Unsettling (Michael/Lincoln)
Shimmering Threads (Michael/Lincoln)
A Convenience (Michael/Lincoln)
Delicacy (Michael/Lincoln)
A Moment (Michael/Lincoln)
On the Fence (Michael/Sucre, underlying Michael/Lincoln)
In a Few Words 1 (Michael/Lincoln)
Five Minute Interlude (Michael/Sucre, underlying Michael/Lincoln)
Unsaid, Unstated (Michael/Lincoln)
Best Remained Unsaid (Michael/Lincoln)
Give and Take (Michael/Lincoln)
Oblivion (Michael/Lincoln)
Penumbra (Michael/Lincoln)

English. Prison Break. Femslah.
Something About Jane (Sara/Jane)
Shall We? (Sara/Sofia, Michael, Lincoln)
This is Gretchen (Sara/Gretchen)
Looking for Sappho (misc. F/F pairings)
Should They... (Sara/Sofia, implied Michael/Sara, Lincoln)

English. Prison Break. Other.
Bitter Raspberries (Michael/Sara/Lincoln. No slash.)
Of Self-Indulgence and Shared Responsibility (Lincoln/Sara/Jane)
Wrong Picture (Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln)
Once in a Blue Moon (Michael/Lincoln/Sara. Light slash)

English. Bones.
Reflections upon a Birthday Candle (Bones/Boothe)
Of Lust and Sloth (Cam/Sweets)

English. Doctor Who.
Fantastic! (Nine, Rose)

Français. Prison Break. Gen.
Tantale (Sara, Gretchen)
Jeux de mains (Michael, Lincoln)
Quelques faits sur Michael Scofield et Lincoln Burrows (Michael, Lincoln)

Français. Prison Break. Het.
En toute éventualité (Lincoln/Gretchen)
En suivant (Michael/Sara)
Toute autre question (Michael/Sara)
Avertie (Michael/Sara)
Petites confessions entre amis (Michael/Sara, Lincoln/Jane, Sucre/Maricruz)
En quelques mots (Michael/Sara - Lincoln/Sara)

Français. Prison Break. Slash.
Nocturne (Michael/Lincoln)
Un instant (Michael/Lincoln)
En quelques mots (Michael/Lincoln)

Français. Prison Break. Femslash.
Un truc à propos de Jane (Sara/Jane)
Pas comme si... (Reynolds/Brinker)

Français. Bones.
Réflexions sur une bougie d’anniversaire (Bones/Boothe)

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