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13 September 2009 @ 10:15 pm
August 2009 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

N.B.: All post-series fics are non-epilogue-compliant.

Give and Take ♦ Michael meant this with a hint of sarcasm, and in a figurative way as much as in a literal one: his brother had always fed him. (Michael/Lincoln. Slash. NC-17)

Looking for Sappho ♦ Ensemble of femslash drabbles. (Veronica/Lisa Rix, Gretchen/Jane, Sara/Katie, Caroline Reynolds/Samantha Brinker, Sara/Nika, Sara/Veronica, Sara/Gretchen, Gretchen/Lisa Tabak, Sara/Sofia, Sara/Jane. Mentions of Lincoln and Michael. Femslash. R)

Doctor Who (English)

Fantastic! ♦ Drabble. (Nine, Rose. G. Translation)
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