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02 June 2009 @ 07:56 am
Prison Break - Back to Chicago (2/4)  
Title: Back to Chicago (2/4) (French version)
Author: clair_de_lune
Characters: Michael, Lincoln, Sara, LJ (Michael/Sara, LJ/OFC)
Categories: Gen, het
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowing them for a while.
Summary: “Do you at least remember why you’ve fallen out with each other?” (Post-series)
Author’s Note: This is the translation of a story I wrote ages ago: anything that happened post mid-season 2 is not taken into account (in other words: definitely non-canon-compliant). Many thanks to torigates for the beta.

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Part Two

The guard stays at the kitchen door. He does seem a bit annoyed with that, but he knows there is no way around it: Sara laid out a few rules, and one of them is that there will be no bodyguard in her kitchen. She can’t always keep him out of her study, her living room or even her bedroom; the kitchen is her little safe heaven. The room is quiet and empty, the caterers having invested the serving pantry, and Lincoln goes and stands behind the window. Sara doesn’t say anything, even though she knows what he’s looking for.

“How is Elizabeth?” he asks her.

“Freaking out. When they buttoned up her dress, a button got loose and fell and...” She shrugs, obviously a bit fazed by the reaction of the young woman. “Her sister is helping her to fix it. I left them alone, there was nothing I could do.”

“All women are nervous on their wedding day, Sara.”

He says that with a slightly patronizing tone that makes her wonder how she’s been able to stand him for so many years. Not only stand him, but also like him. Like him enough to seek his presence.

“Mmm, you out of all people should know. Was it ex Mrs. Burrows Number Two who tore her dress walking down the stairs? Or Number Three? I always confuse the two of them.”

“Oh, classy.”

“I wasn’t that freaked out for when I got married.”

She says that with a slightly cynical tone that makes him wonder how he’s been able to stand her for so many years. Not only stand her, but also like her. Like her enough to seek her presence.

“And we saw how well everything turned out.”

“Oh, classy,” she shoots back. She smiles, though, because even if she won’t admit it to him, he’s right. He doesn’t need this to be acknowledged, he’s usually pretty good at stressing it out himself.

“For the record, Andie didn’t tear her dress in the stairs, but right before she left her bedroom because we...

She raises both hands in front of her, like a cop regulating the traffic. And it’s a bit something like that: she’s regulating the traffic of the words spilling out of his mouth before his brain has totally processed them. More than once, she heard more details than she would have liked to and she’s not going to let it happen again. For the hundredth time, she wonders how someone as taciturn as he is can sometimes be so (excessively) loquacious.

“OK, stop. Thank you.” She walks to him and comes to a halt when her shoulder brushes his arm. It’s her turn to stare at the crowd through the window. “Lincoln?” she prompts interrogatively. “Michael’s here.”

“Of course.”

Of course he’s here, it’s not like LJ gave them any choice. LJ said he wanted the two of them to be here and act, if not in a fraternal way, at least in a civilized one. Actually, he told this to Michael, but it was over the phone and Lincoln was sitting right in front of his son, the kid looking him in the eye while talking. Lincoln may not be as brainy as Michael, but he can get this kind of heavy suggestion. They really didn’t have a choice. Sometimes, he wonders where LJ got that strong-willed, stubborn mind – last time he mentioned this to Sara, she laughed, patted his arm and gave him more cake, apparently implying that, while he had his mouth full, he wouldn’t be able to make absurd remarks.

“One hundred and twenty guests, four ex-cons,” Linc points out. In a flash, he remembers Michael telling him that there’s no such thing as an ex-con. He pushes the memory away. This is something he’s been doing on a regular basis for about ten years, pushing away memories involving his brother. It sometimes is a real issue since it nullifies the first three quarters of his life. And even the fact that he is still alive. “Your Dir Com must be thrilled.”

He’s not seen his brother yet, within that crowd, but he spotted the Dir Com, a grumpy guy with an egg-like skull and a brown grayish beard.

“If my Dir Com is not happy, he can...”

She stops abruptly because Lincoln just turned around and he’s looking at her, his eyebrows arched in a funny way.

“It’s a miracle you’ve been elected,” he says sarcastically. “And re-elected.”

“It’s a miracle the party keeps letting me run. But my Dir Com is talented and loves challenges.”

Her hands on the kitchen counter, she pushes on her arms and hoists herself up. OK. Now, she’s not sure she can’t get down without ruining her dress or the heels of her lovely and so delicate pumps. Lincoln shakes his head: she just has this habit to perch on... tables, fences, back seats, windowsills... If she wasn’t wearing a cocktail dress, she would probably already be sitting in the lotus position.

“Do you at least remember why you’ve fallen out with each other?” she asks him. He looks at her, wondering if he could now leave the room and leave her to her own devices to get down the counter and on her feet. But she knows he won’t, and he guesses it’s her way to make him stay.

“It was Michael’s fault”, he replies automatically.

“Of course it was Michael’s fault”, she approves. He throws her a suspicious glance, looking for the manipulation, the manifestation of reverse psychology, but she just shrugs. “He’s always been cleverer than you, right? He should have found a way to make everything all right.”

“He blew up his life...”

“Lincoln, I swear to God, if you go there again, I’m going to scream. And maybe you were...”

“... to get me out of here, when I’d blown up...”

“... a very bad boy...”

“... my own life so he wouldn’t have to...”

“... but my bodyguard is fifteen years younger than you and...”

“... to do... that kind of crap.”

“... he will beat the shit out of you.”

He squints at her.

I can beat the shit out of that runt anytime I want.”

“And my Dir Com will be thrilled then. Not to mention LJ and Elizabeth.”

He can never win those arguments they have. With Michael, he could always play the big brother’s card, but Sara... Sara has no respect.

Shit, he thinks crudely, realizing he just compared his brother to Sara. It’s something he usually forbids himself to do, because it derogates to the rule stating that he shouldn’t think about Michael. In his own defense, not thinking about Michael when they’re talking about Michael is kind of hard to achieve. Most of the time, he just doesn’t bring him up into the conversation, Sara backs him up and it makes everything easier.

“That he blew up his life wasn’t so much of an issue for you until he surrendered to the authorities.”

He comes closer to her and invades her personal space, a hand on the counter, threatening. It doesn’t really have the expected effect since she’s known for long he will never hurt her. Quite the contrary, she lifts up her chin and smiles, and he can feel her pointy shoe innocently pressing against his knee. Preemptive strike.

“That he blew up his life has always been an issue.” Euphemism of the decade, he thinks. “But...”

“... but not as much as the perspective of you frying on the chair. It’s human, Lincoln. You realize he did it for himself as much as he did it for you, don’t you?” She knows, she knows as surely as if Michael had told her. Maybe Linc knows what his brother gave up for him, but Sara took care and fixed every wound, put up with every look and heard every plea. It lasted only one and a half month, but an especially long and intense one.

“Thanks for the free shrink session. Do you at least remember why you have fallen out with each other?”

The pressure of the shoe against his knee alleviates, which is not a good thing: it means Sara is taking impulse to kick him if necessary. Sara doesn’t play fair.

“We haven’t fallen out with each other. He just asked me not to visit him.”

In prison. He asked her not to visit him while he was in prison. It doesn’t explain why they haven’t met since he’s out. But Lincoln doesn’t say anything because the sharp end of the shoe is not very far and he doesn’t want to attend his only son’s wedding with a sore knee.

Not to visit him, not to intercede in his favor, not to wait for him. She doesn’t know why Lincoln keeps asking, she already explained him everything and told him she followed Michael’s wishes because it was all she could do. When he heard that, Lincoln snorted in a rather gross and insulting way. As if he didn’t believe her. And it’s true that, as soon as she could, she did intercede in his favor to back up an early discharge. But Michael never knew it. And she never visited him. And she didn’t wait for him: she married someone else, didn’t she? It should be proof enough. At this point, Lincoln snorted again.

“LJ was mad at him too. And he wasn’t supposed to visit him either. He did nonetheless.”

“LJ is more stubborn than us,” Lincoln explains with an admirable bad faith. Sighing, he whirls around and hops on the counter next to her. For a while, they just sit there, still, quiet, staring at the guests they should join. “Guilt sucks big time,” he announces philosophically.

She wants to snuggle up in an armchair and cross her legs under her. Since she can’t do that, she just kicks her feet like a kid.

“Do you know what LJ would like as a wedding gift?” Linc says.

“I kind of hope it’s a long weekend in New-York, with a room at the Marriot, for the opening of the theater season, because I’ve already taken all the arrangements.”

With her talent to elude questions, no wonder the party keeps letting her run: it largely makes up for the fact that she can’t always shut up when necessary.

“Do you know what LJ would really like as a wedding gift? Aside from the weekend in New-York?”

She throws him a sideway glance.

“A father/uncle reconciliation?”

He slides down the counter and holds out his hands to help her down.

“Yeah,” he admits, “that too.”

Sometimes, he really wonders how someone like him had a son as softie as LJ. It has to be Lisa’s genes.

= = =


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Julesdarkwriter69 on June 2nd, 2009 09:42 am (UTC)

I love the way you have written Linc and Sara's friendship and the way they interact. But, but...Linc's been married twice? Sara didn't wait and got married? Is she still married?


*waits impatients for 24 hours*
Clair de Lune: pb - michael saraclair_de_lune on June 2nd, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
I've always liked the idea of Lincoln and Sara being friends. Wish the series had shown a bit of that :(
Also, I'm mean: it's a way to make Michael feel estranged from them *g*

Is she still married?

Given Linc's snarking about "how well everything turned out" with her marriage, I'd say Michael is pretty safe *g*
Maz (or foxxy!): Soulmatestuesdaeschild on June 2nd, 2009 11:25 am (UTC)
You realize he did it for himself as much as he did it for you, don’t you?

I think that would have been part of Michael's motivation; as selfless as Michael is even he realised he owed Lincoln...and more importantly loved.

I digress!

So Lincoln is twice-married and Sara married someone else! I'm kind of hoping she's divorced (or God forgive me, widowed!) but I'm going to find out over the next couple of days, aren't I?

Hmmm, I wonder where LJ got his stubborness and strong will from. Unlike his softer side I doubt it was from Lisa's genes!! ;)

This is brilliant, sweetheart! :)
Clair de Lune: pb - michaelclair_de_lune on June 2nd, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
I think that would have been part of Michael's motivation; as selfless as Michael is even he realised he owed Lincoln...and more importantly loved.

This is what I liked about S1!Michael: he did what he did for several reasons, some of them good and some of them 'bad'. He does love Lincoln and realize he owes him, but he also acts on guilt - and breaking your brother out of jail to make *you* feel less bad... bad motivation *g*

God forgive me, widowed!

*ponders* After eveything he had to overcome, a dead, possibly still beloved, husband would be the last straw for Michael, wouldn't it?
Um, that was cynical of me *g*
Maz (or foxxy!): Michael Rubs Headtuesdaeschild on June 3rd, 2009 11:20 am (UTC)
He does love Lincoln and realize he owes him, but he also acts on guilt - and breaking your brother out of jail to make *you* feel less bad... bad motivation *g*

That's what I was trying to say but you put it so much better than me! :)

Um, that was cynical of me *g*

A little. ;)
Jackie: Lincoln And LJ: Walking Season 2yougottaletmego on June 2nd, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)
I have SO many questions racing through my head. Lincoln's been married...Sara's been married.

I love your writing, it's awesome. I can't wait for the next update. I want my questions to be answered!

Great job ♥
Clair de Lune: pb - michael sara 2clair_de_lune on June 2nd, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
I have SO many questions racing through my head. Lincoln's been married...Sara's been married.

The why/how/who/when/etc. is not really the point – I wouldn’t want you to wait for something that won’t happen ;) It’s merely a way to show they had moved on (or not moved on actually). I’m a bit embarrassed because this fic was meant to be nothing more than a ‘picture’ of what they would have become if Michael had surrendered around the middle of the second season.

I hope you enjoy the resolution nonetheless, and in the meantime, thanks so much for the feedback ♥
(Deleted comment)
Clair de Lune: pb - sara3clair_de_lune on June 4th, 2009 07:48 pm (UTC)
I've always liked the idea of Lincoln and Sara being friends, and I have to say that writing them bantering was fun. I'm glad the characterizations work for you.

hey, apparently, things didn't end too well, LOL

Marrying someone else than Michael? In my mind, it was just a way to try to prove to others and to herself that she'd moved on. Of course things didn't end too well, it was bound to happen *g*

Thanks for reading :)
torogitorogi on June 3rd, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
Wow. Again so much questions... I like the sense of ambiguity, how nothing seems to be clear at this moment. It gets my really hyped to read the next chapters! :)

I really love what you've done here - there's a degree of complexity in your story, and I'm loving it.
Clair de Lune: pb - lincoln saraclair_de_lune on June 4th, 2009 07:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I didn't want to 'explain' anything, just... tell and make the readers work a bit to put things together.
I'm happy you're enjoying this so far :)