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06 May 2009 @ 09:52 pm
April 2009 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

A Convenience ♦ When the need arises, he has a range of fantasies at his disposal. (Michael/Lincoln. NC-17. Slash)

Knowing Better ♦ She’s been there, done that and knows better. But... (Season 1) (Michael/Sara. PG-13)

Delicacy ♦ They’ve never made a habit of it because it had to remain a delicacy. (Michael/Lincoln. NC-17. Slash)

Of Atavism ♦ She’s gained quite a bit of plumpness lately. (Lincoln/Jane. PG-13)

The Best Enemy ♦ He knows about devastation. (Lincoln. PG)

Seeking Chaos ♦ She knows it’s a terrible idea the second she trips back and her shoulders hit the wall of the warehouse. (Lincoln/Sara. R.)

Wrong Picture ♦ He’d rather avoid it, but as soon as the words ‘he can imagine’ come to his mind, it’s too late. Cat’s out of the bag. (Michael/Sara, Michael/Lincoln. R) (No graphic slash or incest but you may want to proceed with caution if Michael/Lincoln isn’t your cup of tea.)

Prison Break (français)

Avertie ♦ Elle est déjà passée par là et elle est plus avertie, désormais. Mais... (saison 1) (Michael/Sara. PG-13. Traduction)

Quelques faits sur Michael Scofield et Lincoln Burrows ♦ Ce que Michael et Lincoln savent, ou pensent savoir l’un sur l’autre. (Michael, Lincoln. PG-13)

Bones (français)

Réflexions sur une bougie d'anniversaire ♦ Anthropologiquement parlant... elle refusa de s’engager sur ce terrain. (Brennan, Booth. G. Traduction)
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