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01 March 2009 @ 05:53 pm
February 2009 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

Shimmering Threads ♦ He’s not free nor does he wish to be. The thought is chilling, and the shimmering of the room appears like a stark contrast with the fact that Michael can see no shimmer of light, no easy exit to his situation. (Michael/Lincoln. NC-17. Slash).

Illusions of Safety ♦ She had always liked car rides, especially nightly ones, no matter the circumstances. (Reynolds, Brinker, Kellerman, Steadman. PG-13).

Nice to Meet You ♦ Ensemble of very short ficlets written for the How Do You Do? Challenge at pbhiatus_fic. (Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Pope, Katie, Reynolds, Brinker, Nika. PG.)

Prison Break (français)

Tantale ♦ Après, quand tout est terminé et arrangé, quand tout le monde est en sécurité, elle lui rend visite en prison. (Sara, Gretchen. PG. Traduction)

Un truc à propos de Jane ♦ Il y a un truc à propos de Jane. (Sara/Jane. R. Slash. Traduction)

Nocturne ♦ Il trouve que c’est perturbant, la façon dont Michael fait ça. (Michael/Lincoln. R. Slash. Traduction)

Un Instant ♦ La frontière qui sépare le bon sens de l’égarement est parfois fine : elle ne tient en réalité qu’à quelques secondes. (Michael/Lincoln. R. Slash)

A bit of pimpage (aka birthday stories written for me)

Social Niceties by msgenevieve ♦ You doubt it’s the first time he’s discovered an unfamiliar woman in his brother’s kitchen. You can't help hoping it's the last time. (Michael, Jane, Lincoln, Lincoln/Jane, implied Michael/Sara)

Hope Aloft On The Wind by halfshellvenus ♦ After leaving prison, Lincoln searches for a sense of who he still is. (Michael and Lincoln. Gen or slash, depending on your slash goggles ;))

She Heals by happywriter06 ♦ Sara works on Sucre. (Sara, Sucre)
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