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01 February 2009 @ 01:56 pm
January 2009 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

Remote Controlled ♦ The three of them are on the run, but Michael seems to believe that they don’t need to know what’s going to happen next. Lincoln grumbles his disapproval; Sara is stubbornly silent in hers. (Lincoln/Sara, implied Michael/Sara. PG-13. Translation)

Down the Sluice ♦ Everything happens because of her hand on his thigh. (Lincoln/Sara. R)

Unwrapping Possibilities ♦ He does a double take when she puts the offer on the table. (Lincoln/Gretchen. R)

Follow Up ♦ “About that I’ve been in a threesome thing...,” she says as soon as the door of their bedroom is locked. (Michael/Sara. NC-17)

Her Skin ♦ It's her skin. (C-Note/Kacee. PG-13)

Bitter Raspberries ♦ Lying across the bed, her clothes and hair a mess, Sara sighs and reaches out for Michael’s hand. She clutches it. From the corner of his eye, Lincoln can see their fingers intertwining tightly. (Michael/Sara/Lincoln. R. No slash. Translation)

Unsettling ♦ He finds it unsettling, the way Michael does that. (Michael/Lincoln. R)

Any Other Questions ♦ She’s playing on his kinks. (Michael/Sara. NC-17)

Something About Jane ♦ There's something about Jane... (Sara/Jane. R)

Playing Doctor ♦ “Did you talk about birds and bees to LJ?” (Michael, Lincoln, mention of LJ and Veronica, hints of kid!Michael / kid!Veronica. PG)

Tantalus ♦ After, when everything is over and settled, when everybody is okay and secure, she pays her a visit in prison. (Sara, Gretchen. PG)
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