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31 January 2009 @ 05:38 pm
I has a website  
I'm constantly whining that I'm behind everything. If I don't do it here on my LJ, I do it inwardly ;)

So, in a fit of logic, I've opened a website to host my fics since putting it together and then having to maintain and update it will really help me catching up /irony. There isn't a lot of stuff over there right now, I'll be adding the stories little by little. It may take a while. I have... a bunch of fics.

==> Clair de Lune's Fics

ETA: for the sake of one my grammar Nazi lovely French beta-readers, who just blew a gasket, I wanted to make it clear that the awful grammar in the subject line is (dumbly) intentional. Breathe deeply ;)


Je ne traduis pas en français, je suis flemmarde. J'ajouterai juste que je reposterai là-bas peut-être mes fics sur Le Caméléon. Certaines. Parce que j'y ai jeté un coup d'oeil il y a quelque temps et... bof -_-

==> Clair de Lune's Fics
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