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01 November 2008 @ 01:07 pm
October 2008 Fanfics  
Prison Break (English)

Between the Mirrors ♦ There were two mirrors on the walls of Michael’s perfect bedroom, on each side of Michael’s perfect bed. Large, hanged mid-wall, slightly inclined forward, framed in spotless, smooth steel. (Michael/Lincoln, NC-17)

Boots ♦ There is skin under the black dress and the black boots. Not that he hasn’t been aware of that – he’s been so acutely aware of that – but he had seen none of that today until now. (Michael/Sara. R)

A Means to an End ♦ At least he’s had the guts to bring them himself. Not that she’s ever questioned his courage, bravery or nerve – especially nerve. (Michael, Nika, underlying Michael/Sara. PG)

In the Dark ♦ Veronica’s sleeping too, just like Nick. Or anyway, she fell into some comatose-like sleep, worn out by all she went through lately. She’s sleeping exactly for the same reasons why LJ won’t. (Veronica, LJ, with a dash of one-sided Veronica/LJ. PG. Translation)

The West Wing (English)

Wedding, Huh? ♦ “The union of two persons, Josh. For life if everything goes right.” (Donna, Josh. G. Translation)

Prison Break (français)

Vingt mots pour Sucre ♦ Vingt mots pour Sucre. (Sucre. Gen. PG)
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