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05 September 2008 @ 11:48 pm
August 2008 Fanfics  
Last month's list is a bit a scary. I'm afraid I fic-spammed. In my defense, there are a few drabbles (real, 100 word drabbles) and quite a bit of translations.

*Sneaks in ego-stroking meme*

Prison Break (English)

Proof of Affection -- They observe, size up and study each other with a circumspection that is not devoid of a certain warmth. (Lincoln/Sara. PG. Translation)

Equilibrium -- For a long time, when it came to Lincoln, Michael wasn’t quite sure where he should have drawn the line. (Michael/Lincoln. PG-13. Translation)

In Private -- You do not wash your dirty laundry in public. (Michael, Lincoln. G. Translation)

Marilyn's Chronicles: Ailurophobic -- In the beginning, she thought that he didn’t like her. (T-Bag. G. Translation)

Marilyn's Chronicles: Effervescent -- She’s really fond of him but never fails to find him exhausting. (Sucre. G. Translation)

Marilyn's Chronicles: Doppelganger -- She thinks they look just alike. (Abruzzi. G. Translation)

Marilyn's Chronicles: Domesticated -- She really doesn’t get why everybody is so scared of him. (Lincoln. G. Translation)

Aloha, Sadness -- She heard the news earlier. (Debra Jean Belle. PG.)

Marilyn's Chronicles: Sorority -- There are not a lot of females in there, and she feels quite a connection with her. (Sara. G. Translation)

Once -- It shouldn’t matter. He’s done that dozens of times, assuming dozens of identities. (Kellerman. G)

Breathe -- Drabble. (LJ, Sara. G.)

Second Language -- Drabble. (Lincoln’s POV. G)

Bumping into Jane -- Drabble. (Lincoln/Jane. PG-13)

Unmade on Earth -- “Sara dumped us and went back among them.” (Veronica, Jane. PG. Crackfic)

Kaleidoscope -- The people they know are not always interested in understanding. Some wonder and try to get it with more or less persistence. Most of them don’t pay much attention and they just go with what’s obvious. (Michael/Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, Veronica, T-Bag, LJ, Sofia, Lisa. R. Translation.)

Bliss -- He’s floating in an ocean of bliss. (Michael/Sara, Lincoln. PG-13. Translation)

The West Wing (English)

So Soft -- Drabble. (POTUS, Leo. G. Translation)

Bet -- (CJ, Danny. G. Translation)

Prison Break (français)

Entre deux eaux -- Lincoln n’a pas encore tout à fait pris de décision sur le sujet. (Michael/Sucre, Lincoln, PG-13)

En preuve d'affection -- Ils s’observent, s’étudient et se jaugent avec une circonspection non dénuée d’affection. (Lincoln/Sara. PG)

En privé -- On ne lave pas son linge sale en public. (Michael, Lincoln, G)

Aloha, tristesse -- Ce n’est pas ainsi qu’elle veut se souvenir de lui. (Debra Jean Belle. PG. Traduction)

Inspiration -- Drabble. (LJ, Sara. G. Traduction)

Plus tard -- Elle n’a aucune raison d’avoir peur, ni même de s’inquiéter. Papa le lui a dit, et Papa ne ment jamais. (Michael, Sara, personnage original. G)
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