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06 August 2008 @ 10:51 pm
Fic Meme  
Oooh, fic meme ^___^

Stolen from happywriter06

Tell us which of your stories...

(1) you would show your mom if you didn't think she'd freak out.

Let's play it cowardly safe: She Knows. No reason to freak out, except for the fact that it's a cat's point of view. Or also very safe: Hell Express

(2) is most representative of you as a writer (however you choose to define that).

Between the Lines (het)
A Few Facts about Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows (gen)
They Dance (slash)

(3) is your best shot at "ventriloquizing" a voice or style that you don't normally use.

Maybe Driving Lessons (gen). Dialogue only is really not my thing. I had to be coerceted by a challenge to write it ;)

(4) contains characterization you're proudest of.

Caroline at the White House. That Woman. Five Vocations (all gen)

(5) has the cleverest premise (in your opinion) or contains the cleverest ideas.

I don't know, Hemato-logy or Monopoly vs Mastermind (all gen)

(6) feels the most emotionally genuine to you (however you choose to define that).

Mommies (gen)
Homes (gen)

(7) you'd give to an editor as a writing sample (pretend that porn isn't an issue).

Probably The Time They Need (gen, het)

(8) you would actually reread for pleasure.

The Time They Need (gen, het)
Twilight (slash)
Six Past Midnight in a Jail (gen)

(9) contains your best sex writing.

Michael/Sara: Misstep and its companion piece
Michael/Lincoln: Shifting Perceptions
Other (Michael/Lisa): (No) Apologies

(10) has the best title.

I don't really know... The Tancredi Maneuver or maybe Thief (Who Watches the Watcher?) (all gen)

(11) you wish more people had read.

Hemato-logy because it's my pet.
Walk the Line because I swear, it's not slash. Well, not really.

(12) you're proudest of.

Okay, Hemato-logy is pretty obvious (although I'm not sure how well it translated) *g* so I'll just say anything that was out of my comfort zone when I wrote it.
And The West Wing drabbles (Memorium - Same Ending): not that I think they're good, but writing anything about TWW always scares me.
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