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01 August 2008 @ 11:58 pm
July 2008 Fanfics  


Prison Break

Stains -- She’s so bright and naïve and sweet, Gretchen can’t help wanting to stain, tarnish all this, rip it off and use a bit of it for her own benefice. (Sofia/Gretchen. R)

Atypical Days -- This is the most unexpected and less dramatic thing that has happened to her in a while (Sara/Jane. R)

Driving Lessons -- “How come it’s always you who drive?” (Michael, Lincoln, PG)

Kaleidoscope -- The people they know are not always interested in understanding. (Michael/Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, Veronica, LJ, Lisa. R. Translation) Not posted yet

Well-Advised -- One of the few pieces of good advice his father ever gave Theodore was to be careful of what he wished for, because he just might get it. (Michael, T-Bag. PG-13. Translation)

Marilyn’s Chronicles – Marilyn’s point of view on a few inmates (Marilyn, T-Bag, Abruzzi, Sucre, Lincoln, Sara. G. Translation) Not posted yet

Posted this month but written a while ago:
Prison Break: It's Those Hands (Michael/Lincoln), Under Construction (Michael/Sara)
The West Wing: Memorium


Prison Break

Leçons de conduite -- « Comment ça se fait que ce soit toujours toi qui conduise ? » (Michael, Lincoln. G. Traduction)

Entre deux eaux -- Lincoln n’a pas encore tout à fait pris de décision sur le sujet. (Michael/Sucre, Lincoln. PG-13) Pas encore posté

En privé -- On ne lave pas son linge sale en public. (Michael, Lincoln. G) Pas encore posté

Vingt mots pour Sucre -- Vingt mots pour Sucre. (Sucre. PG) Pas encore posté

Posté ce mois-ci mais écrit avant :
Prison Break : Road Trip (Michael/Lincoln)
The West Wing : Toujours pareil
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