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01 June 2008 @ 08:50 pm
May 2008 Fanfics  

Prison Break (français)

De la reproduction -- Où il est question des oiseaux et des abeilles. Ou pas.

Prison Break (English)

Letting Go -- He usually manages to keep it under control. A control so tight that, most of the time, he barely realizes that it’s been here in the first place. It’s controlled and channeled into an exasperated tainted love, mastered and conveyed into a snarky brotherly affection. (Slash Michael/Lincoln)

No Man’s Land -- The tacit deal is that if one of them derogates, the other one has the right to commit a proportional infringement in retaliation. (Slash Michael/Lincoln)

Stunts -- He’s staring into space. Again. (Written for the May writing challenge at scofield_sucre)


Back -- He didn’t stop until he was called to order.

En représailles -- Il a embrassé Lincoln, un jour. Lincoln le méritait. (Slash Michael/Lincoln)

Coups tordus -- Il regarde fixement dans le vide. Encore.

Small Talk Between Heroines (Crossover, crackfic, not posted yet)
That Woman (Not posted yet)
Five Vocations (Not posted yet)

And last, because I'm curious: fic poll :-p
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