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05 July 2008 @ 12:43 am
June 2008 Fanfics  
I tend to whine about not writing, but I wrote quite a bit last month.
Weird pairings of the month: Michael/Lisa and Michael/Nika ^_^


Prison Break

(No) Apologies -- He looked so lost and miserable. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen him like that, and she just wanted to comfort him because she suddenly wondered whether, this time around, anybody else would. How things spiraled that way, she honestly doesn’t understand. (Michael/Lisa, R)

In Common -- Hers is red. Considerably smaller and barely noticeable despite its bright color. (Gen, G, translation)

Under Construction (Michael/Sara, R, translation) (Not posted yet)

It’s Those Hands -- And then there are Michel’s hands. Of course. Always drove Lincoln crazy. One way or another. (Michael/Lincoln, NC-17)

Walk the Line -- He knows that they walk on a narrow line, always have. (Not really slash, not really gen, Michael, Lincoln, PG-13)

A Different Kind of High -- Michael, Mahone, handcuffs, frisking... (Gen, PG)

Nothing to Remember -- She had a hunch that it was the first time and that it would be the last one. (Michael/Nika, PG)

Also posted this month but written a while ago: Small Talk Between Heroines - That Woman - Five Vocations

The West Wing

Same Ending -- It always ends the same... (Gen, G)

Memorium -- They come back a week later and stay still for a while before the grave. (Gen, G, translation) (Not posted yet)


Prison Break

En construction -- Ils ne cherchaient pas une maison. Ils n’évitaient pas non plus de chercher. Pour tout dire, la question n’avait pas été posée, même s’ils pensaient tous les deux que ce n’était qu’une question de temps. (Michael/Sara, R)

De l’utilité d’une clef -- Michael/Sara, de l’utilité d’une clef... (Michael/Sara, PG)

Indicible -- Sucre les a surpris, Linc et lui. Plus tôt dans la journée. Dans la salle de repos des gardes. (Michael, Sucre, Michael/Lincoln, PG-13/R)

Sur le fil -- Il sait qu’ils suivent une ligne particulièrement fine, ils l’ont toujours fait. (Michael, Lincoln, PG-13, traduction)

Doctor Who

Fantastique ! -- La première fois qu’elle a passé la porte du TARDIS, elle a eu l’impression de trébucher. (drabble, G)

The West Wing

Memorium -- Il n’y plus qu’eux trois, eux trois et une nouvelle équipe. (Josh, Sam, Donna, G)

Toujours pareil -- Ca ne commence jamais tout à fait de la même façon. (Josh, Sam, G, traduction)
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